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As envisioned by the founders, the Supreme Court isn't supposed to consider liberal or conservative world views, but rather only the Constitution and the written law. Unfortunately, the founders never imagined how professional politicians would corrupt the Court.
On the BLM vs Bundy issue, it seems to me that both sides are likely wrong to some degree. This should have been settled in the courts, not by the BLM trying to seize Bundy's property without due process. BLM apparently did not have a court order giving them the right to taking the cattle, etc. It also seems likely that Bundy may not have a valid basis for his actions. In any case the courts should be used to sort this mess out rather than the BLM taking extralegal action.
Oops To multiply 125 X 25 she was to write 125 as (1 x 10 to the second power + 2 X 10 to the first power + 5 X 10 to the zero power) and 25 as (2 X 10 to the first power + 5 X 10 to the zero power). Then to apply the associative, commutative, and distributive properties as appropriate to get to (3 X 10 to the third + 1 X 10 to the second + 2 X 10 + 5 X 10 to the zero). Then she could write the final answer as 3125. No wonder most children and their parents didn't get it. Looks like here we go again.
Shades of the "NEW MATH" of thee 1970s. My daughter was in school and subjected to that ill advised experiment, Fortunately for her, I had the education and experience so be able to help her though it. Such interesting things as keeping time on a five hour clock (I wonder in what universe and on what planet that skill would be useful). To multiply 125 X 25 she was to right 1 x 110 to the second power
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Why Are The Poor, Poor?

Kibitzer Wrote: Apr 19, 2014 1:00 PM
Another factor not discussed in this article is the hidden taxes that the poor pay when they buy goods produce and supplied by corporations (i.e. corporate income tax). The poor spend essentially all of their incomes; thus, they provide money to corporations that have factored the cost of their taxes into their prices. Politicians (particularly liberals) love to pick our pockets by the use of third parties (like corporations) that they then turn around and claim are greedy: thus, should be taxed more. Corporations are effectively extensions of the IRS.
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And They Call It ... Success!

Kibitzer Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 12:37 PM
The main reason that the 7 million plus signed up for Obamacare is not that they thought it was a great insurance buy, but rather that they figuratively had a gun held to their heads because Obamacare policies were the only ones allowed to be sold, and they felt the need to have some health insurance coverage. Unfortunately, the insurance that they bought is unlikely to pay for much if any coverage for a significant portion of them due to the high deductibles and co-pays. The Obamacare scheme was based on the premise that the young and healthy would signup and pay to cover the older and less healthy, but with premiums near 10% of their income, and a penalty of only 1% of income, many of the young have simply decided to roll the dice and opt out. Further, the young in general do not earn as much as middle aged and older workers, so many of those that did buy in likely did so because they qualified for subsidies. The provisions of the PPACA (Obamacare) basically work against one another.
Given that our current immigration laws are not being enforced, why should anyone believe that any new immigration law will be enforced any better?
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Tax Refund Siezure

Kibitzer Wrote: Apr 16, 2014 2:13 PM
I wonder how many of those that had their refunds seized were Democratic voters? It would serve them right.
"The so called “greedy corporations” and big businesses get it even worse. The current corporate tax rate on big business in the United States is the highest in the industrial world, set at 39.1%. Despite providing work for over 45% of American citizens and contributing to 65% of new jobs created in America, big businesses get punished with the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world. They certainly pay their “fair share” and then some." Corporations are extensions of the IRS. The money that they "pay" in corporate taxes is collected from the consumers of their goods and/or services. They have no other source for the tax money they "pay". Thus, the cost of corporate taxes falls disproportionately on the less affluent consumers of those goods and services. Those taxes also make US goods less attractive to people in other countries putting US businesses at a competitive disadvantage in the international market place.
The Paycheck Fairness scam is another case of, "Figures don't lie, but liars do figure." Just take the pay of all women in an organization and compute the average wage, and then do the same for all of the men without regard to what jobs the individuals do, or other factors such as education, skills, proficiency, and productivity. If this doesn't produce the statistic to support your view, just change the model and try again until you find a statistic that does. Of course you never disclose how you computed the statistic that you finally use.
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