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All of this is Kabuki Theater!! It is like this because the people who are really in charge want it like this. When we need to get something done and done right look at the space race. We are not in charge. Why did W get reelected? Why did Obama get reelected? All I hear is how much Obama is stinking up the place,yet Nixon put a tape recorder in a office and they ran him out on a rail. Just saying!
Very good,I concur.
Thank you for the truth. I am on board with Fritz65. Jobs will solve the the housing issue. I agree,more pent up sellers than buyers. Thanks again for the TRUTH!
Not everyone voted for this junk. You do not live in Illinois or you would care. This print and spend has to STOP PERIOD! Thomas 2739 I do not care about your state(you have problems too). See what this kind of attitude is doing to AMERICA!!! Start caring and VOTE simple
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Millennials Mired in "Wealth Gap"

khuffar Wrote: Apr 05, 2014 10:37 AM
I am with you 100%. Nothing is free,there is a price simple! now they know
OMG!!! Someone with a good idea. This will not happen and we know it. This should have been done long ago. Go back to stamps not a card. This will help. When you pay with a card you do not have to face embarrassment of a stamp. We all know what a stamp is for!! I also like the idea of the food ration. You are not working so learn how to cook,simple!! Good call MISH!! How can we implement both issues
Very good post. WE all think this but can not prove it. How GWB got reelected was a tip off. Now ,this new guy get's the same treatment. Most everyone I ask did you vote for O or not . Most NOT! Good post! Bush got a shoe thrown at him. O get the red carpet thrown at him Our country is the JOKE of the world. Hey did you here the one about the American President?
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Monsters Hiding in Plain Sight

khuffar Wrote: Feb 06, 2014 9:20 AM
Yet no one is talking about impeachment. All Nixon did was put a dam tape recorder in an office. He did not LIE like Obama and Clinton. What is wrong when all is wrong???Nothing good has come of this Sanford & Son's insurance.
Very well said. I hope others are here this message!!!!
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