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The Feelings Convention

k harlan Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 3:16 PM
Did anyone else throw up a little in their mouth when Michelle said, "Barack doesn't see Democrat /Republican, Liberal/Conservative...he doesn't see Us vs. Them"? She did a great job delivering this speech...too bad it was so full of, you know, bull.
Terminus in WA Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 3:43 PM
I didn't watch... much. Did she really say that? Wow. Someone needs to juxtapose that statement with *any* Obama stump speech and put it all over youtube. You know, when he says Republicans want to do this or that evil thing to them. Per Joe Biden,"Put y'all back in chains." Doesn't see us vs them - complete hogwash.
gary395 Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 5:07 PM
the only thing Obama sees is a GOLF BALL.
If the Republican National Convention was all about the numbers -- unemployment numbers, deficit numbers, tax rates -- the Democratic National Convention thus far has been all about feelings. The keynote address on Tuesday night was delivered by Julian Castro, mayor of San Antonio, who proclaimed that numbers didn't matter -- Barack Obama was the only candidate who could "multiply" individual success. And the capper of the evening went to Michelle Obama, who boldly stated, "I've seen how the issues that come across a president's desk are always the hard ones -- the problems where no amount of data or numbers...