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I think Beck did exactly as he needed. He opened our eyes, educated us, and did it in an entertaining way. If he 'split the country' it was a split that needed to happen.
"But his real sin was calling homosexuality a sin comparable with bestiality." But he didn't really do that, did he? He said homosexual ACTS are sinful, then went on to profess Christian love for every individual, in spite of their sinful natures. And, he decried the general decline in morality he sees in the world, adding bestiality to the list of other sins on the slippery slope of moral decline.
When I first saw the headline about this ridiculous statement, 3 headlines below said, "Parks and Wildlife producing Pro-Islamic Videos". I have no doubt that were one to stand next to San Fran Nan, you would hear the sizzling sound of her synapses frying, like bugs on a zapper.
the minority/female vote would be nice, but I seem to remember a LOT of conservatives and libertarians stayed home last Nov 6. Enough of them to have swung the election. That said, pandering a la amnesty is not the way to win the minority votes. The advantages to ALL citizens of having a free market and limited government should be easy enough to sell in an economic climate like this one, and where minorities have suffered more than the average citizen. Question is how to reach them...
Seems I recall Romney addressing a college crowd, when a female student asked him about some sort of entitlement. His reply: if you want freebies, you'll have to vote for the other party.
The article is about the bias shown by the media. These pictures reflect that bias, and as such, are entirely appropriate to illustrate Goldberg's point.
Does Sherm actually get laid?
These people are all so very sure of their moral authority that nothing is out of bounds to them. They feel fully justified in anything they wish to do, as long as it advances the agenda.
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Fact-Free Crusades

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Tests and Tiger Moms

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Please note that she signed it 'Al', as in Sharpton
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