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Competence in Presidential Politics

khancock Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 8:15 AM
I think wbonnie should re-check the facts before putting them in print. I can understand someone may disagree politicly, but to be so inconsiderate and hateful as to make such stupid disparaging remarks about a persons parent is above understanding. I am sure no one has "walked in Newt shoes", therefore, they have no idea what transpired in his life or marriages which usually indicates it is best to again check facts before running off at the mouth. Jackie does not deserve to be subjected to such slander of her father. She is probably praying for God to forgive the spewing slander and standing in judgement of her father. Oh- I forgot, democrates removed God haven't they, so does this make them exempt from HIS judgement? I think NOT!

The question this fall is clear: Do we want a president who cares for others but is not competent or a president who might care, if he could just show it, but has proved his competence?

President Barack Obama has had his chance. He recently gave himself the grade of incomplete. His goal: to get an extension.

All Americans should ask themselves: Does he deserve another term?

Let's review the facts:

Obama, 42 months into his term, has overseen a net loss of 300,000 jobs. He has yet to pass a balanced budget; our debt...