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The Worst Parents in America

kgsnccc Wrote: May 19, 2012 3:11 PM
The doctor who lost the suit may have been one of the ethical doctors who recognize the real danger of miscarriage from amniocentesis done before viability -- let's call it what it is -- a death risk -- that's a pretty serious side effect for a diagnostic test. Doctors rarely if ever explain that a .5 percent risk of miscarriage from the test means one out of every 200 children tested (healthy or unhealthy) will die from the test alone -- that's true negligence -- reckless endangerment. Imagine if mammography killed one in 200 women tested -- they'd have that scandal on the front pages. But since the victims are unborn they're considered expendable and worse still, women are bullied into having the test even when they object on principle

Oregon’s Ariel and Deborah Levy are quite possibly the worst parents in America. And when you stop and think about the sorry current state of the American family, that’s saying quite a lot.

But how else would you describe a couple so disdainful of having to raise their Down Syndrome daughter, they sued their prenatal healthcare provider for almost $3 million for not warning them ahead of time of their daughter’s disability—thus denying them the chance to murder their daughter before she was born.

There are some bad parents in this country. Some sexually, physically, and/or emotionally abuse their children. Some...