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The Man Versus the Therapeutic State

kgsnccc Wrote: Sep 19, 2012 7:28 PM
It does call to mind the Glenn Beck show on how one of the 1963 Communist Plan goals was to use the psychiatric profession to change society --doesn't seem like a stretch -- an atheistic, sexually libertine profession telling "patients" nothing is their fault fits perfectly with the leftist goal of a victim mentality and their influence explains much of the moral decay in recent decades -- remember they advised the Catholic bishops on how to handle abusive priests. Even supposedly conservative mental health professionals let us down as when Dr.Keith Ablow shocked Bill OReilly by opposing Jessica's Law mandatory minimums for child rape
The New York Times obituary for Thomas Szasz, who died this month at the age of 92, says his critique of psychiatry "had some merit in the 1950s ... but not later on, when the field began developing more scientific approaches."

That's a paraphrase of historian Edward Shorter, whose judgment reflects the conventional wisdom: Szasz called much-needed attention to psychiatric abuses early in his career but went too far by insisting on a fundamental distinction between actual, biological diseases and metaphorical diseases of the mind.

In fact, however, Szasz's radicalism, which he combined with a sharp wit, a keen eye for...