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5 Reasons Barack Obama is a Creep

kgsnccc Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 3:32 PM
This just scratches the surface. What about his refusal to guarantee lifesaving medical care to abortion surviving infants while acting offended that his opponents would deny that the abortionist was fit to make the call on whether the baby he was paid to kill should get care. What about him using/citing his little girls to promote morally controversial causes--abortion, Planned Parenthood, free birth control wrung from the wallets of objecting taxpayers, and gay marriage.
Doctors coerce mothers into unwanted risky lawsuit-avoidance prenatal tests for the sole purpose of aborting. In Aug. 2012 on Sunday Night Prime on EWTN, College Connection For Catholics' Judy Cozzens told a shocking story of her doctor calling her unborn child a "freak" and telling (not asking her) that he was going to abort him~she of course refused~as I recall the the baby was ok. Likewise on EWTN's Authentically Free At Last (Ep. 8 Marriage/ Vocations) Gloria Purvis noted her late-in-life pregnancy "prenatal care" was treated as a search &destroy mission by doctors & nurses who "relentlessly" pushed her toward abortion-directed testing and when she objected their attitude was "why are you here" if you're not interested in abortion"
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Is Healthcare A Right?

kgsnccc Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 6:37 PM
What we call "Health Care" is a fairly recent and very costly invention of man -- a technological invention. How can there be a natural "right" to a technical invention that didn't exist throughout most of history, or existed in a form that did more harm than good. Two hundred years ago would you have had a "right" to be bled with leeches? Let's hope not. I wouldn't call it a "privilege" either. Countries that want to provide it might call it a "benefit," but then it's an option and not something required of any nation.
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What's Wrong with Public Nudity?

kgsnccc Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 6:09 PM
Reminds me of Princeton Prof. Peter Singer (infanticide proponent and PETA/animal-rights guru) who defended bestiality in his Heavy Petting essay -- he'd probably call it an inter-species romance.
It would help a lot to celebrate FirstDays nine months before our birthdays.
The title of this article reminded me of President Reagan's pro-life book of the same name -- historic as the first President to publish a book while in office -- and no one hears about it because of the subject matter, and now they even try to deny that Reagan was pro-life. Then when I read the first paragraph of the article about choosing which of your children will die, I thought it was going to be about the almost sadistic way IVF doctors lure women into creating and implanting more babies than can be safely carried and then coerce the women (who desperately wanted the children) into killing one or more by "selective reduction"-sad irony is that many doctors don't even try ethical or natural means like NaPro before pushing costly IVF
Given that Planned Parenthood sets up shop in black neighborhoods and was founded by white racist Margaret Sanger who wanted to exterminate black people in the name of "health"--every day is Black Friday at PP.
It depends on what kind of government assistance we're talking about ~ if it helps people get into jobs and become independent then that's something we can talk about ~ not so much a job training program but maybe a job matching program that would help people find jobs they can do that are available today and jobs they can keep ~ maybe more tax incentives for business to take the risk of hiring people who've rarely or never worked before ~ and it is a risk. But we need accountability and an honest assessment of whether it works to get people off welfare or at least paying a portion of their own way.
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Life's Work or Life Sentence?

kgsnccc Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 6:01 PM
Too many people are mismatched with their jobs -- they have little chance of succeeding much less being happy. We've all seen this ~ the wallflower or socially awkward geek thrust into a sales job on the floor that requires them to go after customers aggressively ~ and they're deer in the headlights unlikely to last the day, while somewhere else a born extrovert feels trapped in a lonely quiet office but stays because of the benefit package. A lot of misery, incompetence, welfare & unemployment could be saved by seriously working on job matching instead of costly job training of people who don't have the personality, social skills or psychological makeup to succeed in those jobs no matter how well the training goes in terms of grades/tests
Children groomed for Sex by the "health" industry~isn't that what the Gardasil pushers did when it was recommended for girls as young as 9? The only winner in Kinsey's sexual revolution is Big Pharma profiting from so-called preventatives~then sell more products to clean up the mess. That industry's got gall~until it had a vaccine to sell it didn't warn women about the risks of multiple sexual partners as the cause of cervical cancer via the HPV virus even though it was getting rich off birth control pills that encouraged the risky lifestyles~refusing to inform patients of the risks with one health expert admitting they didn't want to discourage girls just starting their "sexual careers" as EWTN's Jason Evert reported~the real war on women
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