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Children’s “Rights” That End the Lives of Children

kgsnccc Wrote: Sep 30, 2012 4:45 PM
This is chilling not only because of how many times doctors are wrong (as pro-life parents who refuse abortion for supposedly "defective" infants have found), but that the profession is mostly pro-abortion and also in favor of killing people like Terri Schiavo by withdrawing water and food even though they're not brain dead. As my aunt once said of doctors at a local hospital -- they're saving lives in one room and killing them in another. And these are the "experts" we're supposed to trust with vulnerable newborns, who some doctors point out are born in a "fetus-like" state, and who have two strikes against them since they're critically ill? No thanks. Let them restore respect for human life in their profession & then we'll hear them out.

There is a growing so-called “children’s rights” movement that is attempting to hijack parental rights, and, as a result, prematurely end the life of ill children.

A recent article in the Journal of Medical Ethics outlines the “suffering” and “torture” supposedly inflicted by parents who insist on continued medical treatment for their sick children. The authors of the review, Dr. Joe Brierley and Dr. Andy Petros, two pediatricians from Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London, argue that subjecting children to treatment—when, in their opinion, a child is terminally ill—is “inhumane.”

In fact, they argue that continuing...