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3 Ways to Reform Labor and Save Our Country

kgriggs Wrote: Jul 15, 2012 11:34 AM
In the new Citizens United era, public employee unions are negotiating with mayors beholden to them for their unlimited campaign contributions, weith the result the taxpayer is effectively not at the bargaining table. Right to work legislation is now a fiscal imperative.

Editor, Bob Beauprez's Note:  The following commentary on labor reforms is authored by 18 economists and labor experts, including A Line of Sight Contributing Editor, Sanjai Bhagat, Provost Professor of Finance at the University of Colorado. The article was originally published July 10, 2012 by Fox  A full list of the authors may be found by clicking here.

Now that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has resoundingly won the recall election organized against him, pundits and policymakers are wondering what’s next. As economists and labor experts from across the country, we believe it’s time for legislators at all levels of government—local,...

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