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Focus Should Be on Facts

kgrant Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 11:17 PM
Interesting article. Disingenuous but interesting all the same. I wonder how much of the deficit is the result of the ongoing war in Afghanistan and until recently Iraq? Or how much is it due to the continuation of President Bush's tax cuts? I wonder if the increase in people relying on welfare has anything to do with the recession. You remember the recession don't you? The one that started a full year before President Obama even took office. I wonder if the stubbornly high unemployment rate might be lower if the republicans in Congress had not made outrageous demands to pass any measures the president proposed to boost the economy. And then when their demands were met refused to pass them anyway.
RHSimard Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 12:14 AM
1. Wars: Plenty, no doubt. Funny how WE WILL NEVER FORGET changed to IT COSTS TOO MUCH.

2. Bush tax cuts: Depends on where on the Laffer curve we are. Might have something to do some of it. Obama inherited a national debt of around 10 trillion. That's what has accumulated since the beginning of time. It's 16 trillion now. Bush? Yeah, sure...

3. Recession? Sure. The one that was supposed to be over (not just technically) thanks to the Obama magic? The one that's gotten worse instead?

4. Measures to boost the economy? You're confusing programs that are touted to boost the economy with programs that actually do. The former type amount to the same Keynsian stimuli that have worked so well-to boost debut and improve nothing.
RHSimard Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 12:22 AM
The challenge for modern-day campaigns is that the rapid speed of the news cycle ensures that new news is created on a daily basis, even when it is not really news. Blame the hunger for something novel and fresh that can eat up time on the 24-hour cable news channels.

Think of today's news organizations as insatiable beasts whose ravenous appetites constantly need more and more news bites, and more analysis about those news bites. The desire for more content for their viewers and readers means that they deem everything new to be newsworthy, or at least newsworthy enough...