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Professor Makes Students “Stomp on Jesus”

kgrammer Wrote: Mar 22, 2013 12:14 PM
Sick and surreal: what a perfect description of our modern universities. At Rollins College, another Florida school, they've just kicked a Christian group off campus for not allowing an atheist or other non-Christian to run for a leadership position within its organization. If Prof. Poole wanted to demonstrate true "intercultural communication" he would have had the students stomp on Mohammed. How's that for courage, Prof? Perhaps you should stick to creating mythical heroes out of charlatans. And now that you're raising Obama to mythic stature, why not have your class stomp on him. Isn't he the new Messiah, Prof?

A Florida Atlantic University student said he was suspended from class after he refused a professor’s directive to stomp on a piece of paper with the word “Jesus” written on it.

“I’m not going to be sitting in a class having my religious rights desecrated,” student Ryan Rotela told television station WPEC. “I truly see this as I’m being punished.”

Rotela, who is a devout Mormon, said the instructor in his Intercultural Communications class told the students to write the name “Jesus” on a sheet of paper. Then, they were told to put the paper on the floor.

“He had...