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Hit Piece Journalism

kgrammer Wrote: Jan 01, 2014 3:43 PM
When Duranty's whitewashing of Stalin's Reign of Terror was exposed, the NYT refused to revoke his award, citing some bs about journalistic integrity. Several years ago, the Walter Duranty Award was created for those special writers "who have allowed their desire to be be popular kids with the political in-crowd, to overshadow everything they do and to warp their writing beyond the normal bias into outright distortion and propaganda." The first recipients were Anna Wintour and Joan Beck, who did that glowing profile of the chic wife of Syrian dictator Assad, Asma, who would prance around Damascus in Loubiton designer shoes, handing out bread to the people made poor by the regime's repressive policies. The red-soled shoes were ideal to hide any blood she might step in on the streets.