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Don't Worry About Cyprus, It Already Happened Here

Kgorges Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 2:27 PM
Good article on what is really by far, more important than any discussion on gay marriage. No one will care about any cause or crying from all of the liberals and so called "picked on groups" when the world economy collapses and famine, and lawlessness becomes our reality.

I can just imagine Jay Leno taking to the streets in order to ask the average American citizen, “What do you think about Cyprus?”

More than likely, the answer would be, “I really prefer oak or maple for my flooring, I never really thought about cypress.” 

Jay would reply with, “No, the country Cyprus.  The IMF, EU, and ECB, the “troika,” just put a tax on bank accounts.  Well, no.  Actually, they just stole a portion and froze the rest of the money in spite of the increased guarantees.” 

The average American would then respond,...