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GOP Double-Crossing Traitors

Kgolfinghawaii Wrote: Feb 19, 2015 9:53 AM
Left wing legal "experts"...
You mean because the turd Reid wouldn't allow any votes on anything the House passed? You mean that type of filibuster? Or how about Reid being the most vicious POS possibly to ever hold the position he held for 8 years at majority leader? Not to mention the most mentally challenged, but then again that is par for the course for all your demoncrat morons.
I live in AZ. That Mr. Thomas complains about taking a whole day away from instruction. Well, yesterday, Friday January 16, the teachers and the system once again WASTED a whole day of teaching with a "teacher in service" day. On January 30 they will have another half day of this garbage. They have at least 3 full days and 8 half days of this junk during the school year. And guess what? The full days ALL occur on the Friday before a three day weekend. They make parents have to change plans for work or other schedule changes for this ridiculously stupid in service days. If they are working so hard on those full day Fridays before a three day weekend why are they always on a three day weekend. I am so sick and tired of hearing this garbage. They are off for 2.5 months in the summer. Since most of them are paid during that time they should have to either stay another 7 full working days for in service training or start 7 working days early before school starts at the end of summer. They do no lengthen the school year to accommodate this junk. So, when I hear that type of complain from a Mr. Thomas I want to spit in his face.
Who cares if there is a conflict of interest? Seriously, these illegal pieces of stuff need to be thrown in jail not just sued for their money, but both. I am so sick of these anti-American communists. And yes, they are certainly that and worse.
At least 43% of the electorate is in the mental midget area to vote for people like her no matter what they do or say, literally it could be murder and they wouldn't care.
Could anyone show much more about how communist and STUPID they truly are than she just did...oops...yep, ohstinky did the same thing last year. These people are just power hungry stupid morons that want to live like dictators and have the rest of us poor and unable to fend for ourselves. Gosh, I know I am not supposed to hate, but I truly do hate these people and all that they stand for, forgive me Lord.
So very true. I call them purists. If one of ours votes on something they don't like one time...they are toast and won't get their vote. The house has voted how many times for proper spending bills, immigration reform at the border, and on and one, but not one of those gets a vote in the senate and somehow the house republicans haven't done a thing according to the purists.
I used to believe that, but now I don't. I think the brain dead are there for the taking, period, by the left and it's promises whether lies or just empty promises. Anything "free" will motivate that crowd to vote for the one with the tax payers wallet open.
Rubio turned against his own bill if memory serves me correctly, until he more recently said he wanted it AGAIN. Nothing like flopping around like a grounded fish.
Which always amazes me how stupid voters can be. They are to blame for ostinky being in office and no one else.
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