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One Person Attends Obamacare Event

kfallon Wrote: Aug 05, 2013 10:12 AM
As they might say on Duck Dynasty, Obamacare is ugly ugly ugly. <
It only bothers one when the truth hits home. Me, I'd laugh about it because I would not have done anything to compare it to. <
Satan is a liar and deceiver. He slips in little by little and understands that the slower he goes the more accepting we are because "it's just a little thing", until all the little things add up to one huge thing. <
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The Ingenious Stupidity of Barack Obama

kfallon Wrote: Jul 27, 2013 8:21 AM
President Obama is much like Slick Willy Clinton. Good looking, childish smile and so he gets away with everything. I'm a fact guy, so say what you mean and mean what you say. I think our president needs a head doctor, and I am not kidding.
I used to follow whites, too when working in customer service.<
First off, Trayvon was walking inside a gated community, paid to be gated by its residents, so he started off wrong. Stay outside the gate, and he would have been alive today. Yes, Mr. President, I do lock my doors when I see a young black male meandering my way, hoodie up, pants down. I hope that was not you 35 years ago but it could have been. The reason we lock our doors is that we see and read the news and those are the folks causing so much trouble in our cities. Facts are facts until they change. <
President Obama is a president of convenience. In Christian communities, he quotes the Bible, particularly Psalms which is the fall-back book to many who do not practice what God teaches. In Muslim communities he speaks of the Quran, and quotes it repeatedly (We cannot believe in two teachings of God; John 17:17 says Your Word is Truth). From Rev Wright up to today this president has no moral code to live by. The president is half white and half black, but the blacks claim him -- like a slave is claimed -- and the whites don't want to claim him. <
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kfallon Wrote: Jul 24, 2013 7:13 AM
You said it all. Women in the military cannot hold up to men's physical standards, so they change the current fitness test to fit all. (I am retired Navy). Put 19 year old men on the same ship as 18 year old girls and guess what happens. Sex. Then, usually the man, gets his career ruined by practicing the innate need God gave them to procreate. Mid-Eastern men will draw suspicion only because mid-eastern men have been terrorists. Blacks, as dressed above, draw my suspicion, too. Whites also. <
I don't know about the Mayans, but the Lions and the Tigers may have to move simply because hardly anybody can afford the tickets!
Politically, watching Detroit implode after all the bail-outs is humorous. But the people are suffering at the bottom of this pole. The poor are paying the price for the rich man's politics. People first. My prayer to our Father is that they are cared for, first and foremost. <
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