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Political Parties Need Rebranding

kevin837 Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 4:19 PM
When you're in a hole, stop digging. The world is hurting because of religion. The West emerged from the Dark Age by returning to western values of humanism and liberty. The Islamic world remains mired in mysticism, and now poses a threat to the west. In order to win, the west needs to understand itself and it's enemy. This article displays neither. References to "God" have no business in a political platform. That would be theocracy, like in Iran. To avoid becoming like Iran, we need to oppose what Iran stands for. This article does not. Further, free trade is not to blame for the loss of American manufacturing. That has to do with high labor costs (due to unions), high taxes, and interference by government.
Dozens of explanations have been offered by people who think they are savvy about politics to explain why Mitt Romney lost and Barack Obama was reelected despite his many unlawful actions and the high unemployment figures. I toss into the mix my view that the two major political parties need rebranding.

Obama's massive negative TV advertising rather successfully branded Romney and the Republican Party as rich guys who can't empathize with ordinary hard-working Americans. In fact, Obama grew up enjoying a pampered lifestyle attending elite schools and colleges and now is rich, too, with his wealth and lifestyle coming from...