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The problem here is not the well-thought opinion of Dawkins, but the emotional appeal to knowingly bring Down Syndrome into the world. Unfortunately, in the modern times, intelligent people tend to have fewer children, and vice versa (because of AFDC and other gov't programs) This explains why average IQ has been dropping for decades. Down Syndrome people are not capable of nurturing great intelligence in their offspring. And in some cases, the syndrome can be genetically inherited. Because of greater technology, there is less need for unskilled labor. Greater intelligence will be required for more and more of the specialized jobs of the future. Families have limited resources. After the abortion, the mother is likely still fertile and can bear better children into the future.
You forgot to mention free enterprise militaries and governments competing in the same territory.
If you were truly concerned about foreign aid, you would denounce the much greater aid to Islamist regimes. Further, if the US cut off aid to Israel, we would have to pay them to field-test and provide engineering improvements to US hardware. Or spend a much greater amount to recruit engineers and do the testing in the US plus actual military experience to work out the bugs in the equipment. You have no clue on Israel or foreign policy, and please refrain from such comments to avoid embarrassment to those of us who share your other views.
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Putin Robbed Blind in Cuba

kevin837 Wrote: Jul 26, 2014 6:42 PM
Humberto must be an avid reader of libertarian musings. He does not link to any specific quote, and I don't recall any significant amount of libertarian writings of any kind about Cuba. Every once in a great while, there might be a passing wish for free trade with Cuba as a way to liberate the people and undermine communism. But there is certainly no emphasize as Humberto implies. There is still an old guard in the movement, I count myself among them, who remember a Cuba before Castro and criticize Kennedy for not providing air support during the Bay of Pigs. After Cuba is liberated, then surely Humberto would agree with free trade with Cuba.
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The Left Officially Declares War on God

kevin837 Wrote: Jul 13, 2014 8:11 PM
Human rights are not based on religious law. If they were, rights would be interpreted according to religious law, such as Sharia. Religion and liberty are not natural allies as you suppose. A cursory examination of history, from the Inquisition to the current reign of Islamic terror, would make that apparent.
"Liberal" in the political sense, means an advocate of liberty. Classical liberals tend to be liberal politically and philosophically. Religion combines faith and social conformity to favor political collectivism, whether in the form of government-enforced social conservatism or government-enforced charity. Our choice is not between religion or collectivism. Rather it is religion as a faith-based system, including communism as an example, on the one hand; or humanism and liberty on the other hand. If we study history, we will realize that humanistic enlightenment is positively correlated with liberty.
"non -interventionism" and "non-aggression" are not one and the same. Because to "intervene" simply means to take sides in a dispute; while "aggression" means to initiate force. To side with the aggressor against the victim, is unjust. To side with the victim against the aggressor is not unjust. One could be a non-interventionist and a libertarian, in the same sense that one might be a vegetarian and a libertarian. For more information, please visit the website of the Libertarian Defense Caucus.
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The FBI Prospers by Feeding Fears

kevin837 Wrote: May 25, 2014 5:35 PM
And how does your Seattle-based institute prosper? By spouting creationist nonsense. Iran is about to get nukes and has vowed to end the US ("Big Satan") and Israel ("Little Satan"). You don't seem to be aware that a single nuke exploded at high altitude over the US would cause an EMP, and electro-magnetic pulse that would take out our electrical grid. What's to worry? The mullahs share your creationist beliefs--how can they be a threat? Surely a God that created the universe from nothing, would again intervene miraculously to restore our electricity--right?
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The Real Vote Fraud

kevin837 Wrote: May 11, 2014 9:27 PM
Voter impersonation maybe rare but voting fraud exists. Famously, ballot boxes in Chicago were stuffed to get JFK elected. More recently, some districts in NYC had 100%+ for Obama. Often people vote more than once. Let us say, once where they go to college and once at their parents' town. Property ownership used to be required to vote. I don't think getting ID is too much to ask, particularly if issued free of charge to those of low income. If someone can't be bothered to get an ID, how could they possibly be informed about the issues?
Not all anti-Christians are so irrational and crazy. That's why we should distinguish between secularism (which is negative) and humanism (which affirms positive values).
The US doesn't "occupy" Yemen. After WWII, the US did occupy Germany and Japan, yet this didn't cause German or Japanese terrorism. Not that occupation is necessarily a wise policy, the way it has been done is altruistic and sacrificing of American interests. 3 civilian deaths out of 55 is a very low level of collateral damage. Much, much lower than in previous wars. RP objects to the war the US is trying to wage against Al Qaeda and like-minded groups; he appears more concerned when the US actually does attack terrorists, and less concerned about American help to terrorists in Egypt, Libya, and Syria. Ron Paul has documented multiple links to white nationalists. Such as the neo-nazi Willis Carto, who rented his Spotlight mailing list to Ron Paul for fundraising purposes. Ron Paul does not represent American values so much as he represents anti-Israel, pro-neo-Christian and white nationalist values. He is utterly clueless on foreign policy and a crazy old man.
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