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Time to fight fire with fire. Republicans in DC need to simply state the facts and start laying the blame where it's due - at the feet of the democrats. This president is the most economically illiterate, hypocritical, incompetent, duplicitious, dishonest, treacherous, childish person ever to occupy the Oval Office. Republicans need to start speaking up loudly and clearly and call him on every single one of his mistakes, gaffes, and lies. They shouldn't give this doofus an inch. Fight him every single step of the way, pointing out why he's wrong, why his ideas won't work, and what the proper course of action is.
It's very simple. Issa should simply tell Eric Holder that he has 30 minutes to bring all the F & F documents to the hearing. If he's not there in 30 minutes they'll put him in jail. Then go to Holder's 2nd in command & give him the same ultimatum. Keep working on down the line until the documents appear.
Knowledge isn't power. Of what use is learning things that are useless? Simply keeping students in school longer will gain them nothing unless that time is spent learning something valuable. I suggest that they spend some time learning things such as mathematics, science, English, history and physical education along with other life skills such as home economics and shop.
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Heat Wave Is No Reason For Alarm

Kevin703 Wrote: Jul 11, 2012 8:14 AM
I would suspect that the effects of droughts are magnified more now than they were in the 1930's because our population is so much larger. The corn crops are really being adversely affected and so it seems likely that we're going to see the prices of all sorts of products go up. Corn is used in all kinds of products, both food and non-food.
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Our New SMLXL Center

Kevin703 Wrote: Jul 09, 2012 10:29 AM
What rights don't gay people have? Are they forbidden to get driver's licenses? Are they being kept from voting - well, maybe that Black Panther with the crowbar kept some of them from voting. Gay people have the same rights as normal people. Abortion destroys the family in the sense that it destroys children. Someone obviously dies during an abortion, right? Where are poor women being denied abortions? Please let us know. On the other hand, you were aware that there is a 100% effective way of preventing unwanted pregnancy didn't you? If you don't want a baby, don't have sex. It's so simple even a brain-dead liberal ought to be able to understand it. No normal people want to persecute gays. Oddly enough, many gays persecute normal people
You either believe that an organism with 46 chromosomes (23 pairs) is human, or you don't. You either believe that all human beings have human rights, or you don't. You either believe that a mother has the right to kill her children, or you don't.
Wouldn't it be simpler if the women just beat the snot out of him when he walked into the bathroom? Any man who walks into a woman's restroom and refuses to leave should be smacked around a little bit.
ShakaZubama - I absolutely agree. I think it's time for a divorce. How about if we give liberals and/or democrats California, Washington and Oregon, and maybe Massachussetts, Vermont & New Hampshire. Conservatives will take the rest of America. I no longer think it's possible to discuss anything rationally with them. Liberals refuse to learn from history or experience and they refuse to accept logic or rational thought.
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