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Yes. Over 200,000 here in Northern Virginia alone.
The top headline that Barry does not want you to see: "Romney wins in a landslide!"
If it weren't for her "looks" she would be driving a taco truck with the rest of her family.
This clown should be CENSURED by the House.
Absolutely NOT!! Members of Congress do not have police powers. They are not authority figures over the people. They work for US. They do not rule us. This mushmouth needs to shut his face.
Barry will be deported on January 20.
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Anatomy of (Another) Paul Ryan Smear

Kevin48 Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 6:44 PM
If Paul Ryan washed even ONE DISH that is more than it can be said for 99% of the rest of us.
These bimbos need to close there legs and get up off the casting couch and actually learn about the issues that they are parroting for their handlers.
Foreigners paid for Barack's education since birth. He is a Manchurian candidate.
In Barack's world if you have a boat with six oars and one rower at each you have six jobs. If one of the rowers dies and is replaced with another he claims this as a "new" job. In the real world, you have to increase the number of rowers for a legitimate new job.
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