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The President’s Amnesty Shell Game

Kevin 354 Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 5:22 AM
When widows and orphans ride free, the train will be full of widows and orphans. Leaving the bill for the railroad to the heirs of the widows and orphans is no act of charity. There is no act which results, in the end, as humanitarianism in the welfare state. You know you are on the crazy train when the meds are free.
The EPA does not bring down Capitalism, it abolishes the Free Market, but to secure the sort of capitalists which afforded the demand for the agency.
Liberalism is the widespread of literacy which resulted by competing evangelists who distributed the wealth of the Word of God, freeing the children of slaves from the debt the wicked put upon them, but to create wealth and power for themselves. The wicked are not liberal. Liberal is a fashionable label, it is robe to hide the wickedness of those who demand to be forgiven and granted wealth, but will not forgive, nor grant their own wealth without promise of return by force of government. They are Progressives, they are too big to fail.
Sure you might shortsightedly say, "It is fair that brain dead people don't earn equal pay". But this policy of not paying brain dead people, disproportionately adversely affects single moms.
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The Petulant President

Kevin 354 Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 10:52 AM
True or false. Our founding fathers created a poll for taxpayers, so they may be afforded representation, thus they created a poll tax.
Doctor Roy, The burden of taxation without representation was an injustice resolved by the foundation of this nation, where the taxpayers afforded themselves a poll so as to sustain a government which represented tax payers.
In America, there are people of every affluence, and national origin within that lower class which are enfranchised into the enterprise which creates wealth for itself by creating debt to put upon people of higher class, of every affluence and national origin, who create this wealth and trade it for that wealth. Don't be confused as to what class of person you want to represent you.
The invaders are the Commander in Chief's army.
There is a chance the beagle is a former Hindu which, in spite of his/her intelligence, on some occasion might confuse your leg for a dog-o-sexual he/she knew in some former life.
A mule of any national origin has no idea that it is a mule. A beagle, of any national origin, is not so dumb or stubborn that it can't be taught to comprehend any language, just so he won't be treated like a mule.
The government in Washington does hold a monopoly in the thwarting business. I'm from the Government and I'm here to thwart!
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