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Why Republicans Are Poised To Lose The Second Amendment Battle

Kevin348 Wrote: Jan 27, 2013 8:53 PM
Bunch of Leftist sheep who want their fascist Marxist Messiah to take away all their freedom and be led by rulers. It's not hard to figure out. Most people feel a need to have someone control their lives. Leftists take it to an extreme. Example: The Abortion Lie: Leftists have been demanding government have no control over having complete autonomy over their bodies (i.e. the ability to kill their own babies in the womb), and now they demand the government have complete and absolute control over every single healthcare choice they make (including abortion). Make sense? Of course not. They are useful idiots clamoring for government elites to take away all their free choice.
Janet355 Wrote: Jan 27, 2013 9:02 PM
Leftists don't have any control in their lives. They have given it all over to the liar in the White House. They are going along with him without using a brain or will of their own. Puppets being let to slaughter. Which WILL happen. That is what is infesting our country with all this facist, socialist...any kind of want to call it.
Drifter33 Wrote: Jan 27, 2013 10:55 PM
That's it exactly. Leftists reject personal responsibility at the drop of a hat in favor of being cared for by their "benevolent" government. This is a "two-fer" for them: they get to ride along without a care, and they get to blame their miserable lot in life on someone else.
jkash1776 Wrote: Jan 27, 2013 11:08 PM
along with punishing and revoking freedom from all those who disagree with them.

You have to give progressives credit. They’re nothing if not thorough. When an opportunity to limit the Second Amendment presented itself in the Sandy Hook massacre, regardless how tasteless it was to exploit that opportunity, they went full bore toward their goal.

Sen. Diane Feinstein, D-Calif., introduced sweeping so-called “assault weapons” ban legislation this week that would place unprecedented restrictions on individuals’ rights to own, use, sell and even pass along already owned firearms to family members. But given where things stand now in the polls and political atmosphere, that legislation will go nowhere.

But the Constitution and the...