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Gun Appreciation Day Draws Huge Crowds to State Capitals Nationwide

Kevin348 Wrote: Jan 20, 2013 4:38 AM
Obama: Fast and Furious = cool with them. Obama: Infringing the 2nd Amendment = cool with them Why is arming Mexican drug lords ok, but allowing law abiding Americans (even if they are Black or Latino) to arm themselves to defend themselves against illegals who enter America with arms provided to them by Holder and Obama under Operation Fast and Furious a bad thing?
Gun Appreciation Day, a grassroots movement started in response to President Obama and Washington Democrats' recent rhetoric on gun control, drew big crowds to state capitols nationwide that consisted of strong supporters of the Second Amendment. The show of strength by gun supporters couldn't go unnoticed.

Thousands showed up in New York, where Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed a new strict gun control measure designed to make "assault weapons" illegal and limit magazine sizes. In areas of the country where open-carry is allowed, supporters proudly - and responsibly - exercised their Second Amendment rights.

In Boston,...

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