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Lars, Way higher than 75%. Pretty much everyone in the military are Southern White and Black Christians, inner city Blacks and Latinos (mostly Christian), Mexicans (Catholics), and Filipinos (nearly all Christians).
Scott, Vets did useful work in their careers. Pretty much every other federal civil servant is worthless or works against American interests.
Chris Matthews is irrelevant. He reminds me of Saddam's propagandist everyone laughed at.
Distrust in government is why there won't be an immigration bill passed while Obama is President. Nobody believes Obama will enforce immigration law. Rand Paul will pass a conservative version of it that will keep out the riff raff parasitic 3rd world peasants with no skills just looking for welfare handouts.
Who's after Obama when he's done? Old white Democrats Hillary and Biden and a bunch of angry Black racists and then nobody else. GOP has a very deep bench of conservatives and libertarians. Obamacare is hated and falling apart. Seniors are losing their benefits in October, the debt it outrageous, inflation is sky-high (energy, food, and healthcare costs), the dollar is devalued, there are 3 million less jobs than there were in 2007, labor participation is at 1979 levels. Democrats are going to get crushed in 2014 and 2016.
Punish farmers is what stupid liberals like to do. Then what? Food comes unregulated from Mexico and liberals are forced to eat it.
"We the People" Had an unAmerican Big Government Statist like Obama (i.e. King George III) been around, in 1776, he would have simply killed the king and assumed power for himself and subjected the American People under his thumb.
Joe McCarthy was a true American patriot who exposed Communists in the U.S. government.
I love my country. It's my government I fear.
Tin, That's for a jury to decide.
Amy, Air Force has pilots. Navy has Aviators.
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