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The Ultimate Punishment

Kevin2990 Wrote: Aug 25, 2013 8:29 AM
"Chancey wasn’t born evil. He became that way either through horrible parenting or horribly neglectful parenting. " Wrong. He was born evil, so is everyone else. This is the root issue with modern liberalism, the denial of original sin. Anyone with kids can verify the truth of this. You don't have to teach kids to misbehave. They lie, take things that aren't theirs (steal), hit their siblings (Assault), break things that don't belong to them (vandalism) and many other things all on their own without a moments instruction in these behaviors. There is no more pernicious idea in our culture than the idea all children are innocent little angels who learn bad behavior. Any parent knows this is nonsense. The second part of your sentence is true however, it is a parent's job to teach their children to behave. As a therapist who works in child welfare I see the failure of this everyday: parents who are too lazy, depressed, strung out on drugs or otherwise not fulfilling their obligations to their children to teach them not to act out on the impulses they have. Of course it doesn't help that the parent acts on every impulse THEY have, therefore modeling bad behavior. But this doesn't CAUSE the bad behavior in children, they will do things all day long, that if done by adults would result in legal consequences. Children must be taught impulse control, manners and good judgment. There is an ancient axiom that comes from scholastic philosophy - one cannot give what one does not have.
In the Star Wars universe "the Emperor" was a senator who got himself elected dictator to fight a war he himself started and was running covertly. The scene produces the only decent line of dialogue George Lucas every wrote - "this is how liberty dies, to thunderous applause"
It should be no surprise, both Islam and progressivism are Christian heresies and totalitarian ideologies, a marriage made in hell.
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