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Understanding Economics

Kevin2155 Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 5:00 PM
You should check out steve forbes's new book - it explains the economic issues very well. Clear and easy to follow - even for non-economics! http://www.facebook.com/freedommanifestoforbes
Obama is a master of rhetoric and spin. He is not a master of economics. He just doesn't grasp that an economy in which half the citizens depend on the State for everything is doomed to fail. Such a state in an invitation to tyranny as we trade freedom for "security" as defined by a paternalistic government. Hayek taught us that this was the road to serfdom. In Steve Forbes's new book (http://goo.gl/CKSUh) the dangers of big government are laid bare. Everyone should read his book before the election so they are equipped to see through the Obama administration B.S.
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