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Iran's Strategy

kevin 2032 Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 4:37 AM
Any strike on Iran should target their oil export facilities, in addition to nuclear and regime targets. I don't think the Iran gov't welcomes these prospects, the "realists" think they can weather any actions likely to be taken, and the fundamentalists are willing to sacrifice Iranian interests for the sake of bringing on the final battle and the hidden immam. To suppose that America interests would not be threatened by the conflict, or the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran, would be delusional. One airburst at high altitude could take out most of the N. American electrical grid. George, your analysis was brilliant, until you got to these points, and you really missed them.

For centuries, the dilemma facing Iran (and before it, Persia) has been guaranteeing national survival and autonomy in the face of stronger regional powers like Ottoman Turkey and the Russian Empire. Though always weaker than these larger empires, Iran survived for three reasons: geography, resources and diplomacy. Iran's size and mountainous terrain made military forays into the country difficult and dangerous. Iran also was able to field...