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How Pussy Riot Bamboozled the Media

kevin 2032 Wrote: Aug 22, 2012 10:50 PM
Rachel, your comments are ignorant and embarrassing. Two years in a Russian prison could easily be a death sentence (because of overcrowding, poor conditions, and the spread of antibiotic-resistant diseases). Trespassing is more appropriately addressed by misdemeanor charges. But the rioters did not really violate property rights. The church in question was paid for by the Russian government, and actively supports Putin.
If Justin Bieber or the Rolling Stones suddenly decided to stage an impromptu concert in a public place somewhere in America without a permit, would the authorities ignore it and shrug it off? Doubtful. Even buskers performing in the New York City subway system can't play without formal authorization from the city.

What about taking such a musical performance into a church? If Jennifer Lopez or Madonna just showed up in a place of worship, stripped down to their skivvies and started dancing around the altar, would that fly in any Western democracy? Not likely.

So why,...