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Boy Suspended For Merely Saying 'Gun'

Kevin1824 Wrote: Jun 06, 2013 11:51 AM
Insanity has no boundries. These people who are making these stupid rules because of the Sandy Hook shootings need to have Universal Background Checks to determine their sanity in order to teach our children. Teaching children that the word "gun" is bad shows the mental incompetence of our Liberal parents and leaders. Parents that have taught their children to fear guns so much that they need trauma councilling after hearing about a pop tart chewed into the shape of a gun in school should have their children taken away from them. The problem is, that the folks that run the Child Services are just as liberal and have the same disease as all the other liberals. Incurable stupidity
The 90% figure is completly bogus. The citizens of the Untied States has not had a 90% consensus since Dec. 7th. 1941 when Japan attacked Perl Harbor. Not even after 9-11 did 90% of Americans agree as to what actions to take. Gun owners understand that increased, or universal background checks will do nothing to decrease gun violence, let alone stop it. There is no reason to approve a policy or a law that will be readily abused. How easy will it be for some Bureaucrat to determine that everyone is mentally unstable or legally unsuited to be able to own a firearm. Secondly, once 2nd Amendment advocates give in to Democrats and allow any anti-gun law to pass, it will be like a snowball rolling down hill. To give a little away is to give it all away. Obama asked, Don't these children deserve a vote? Yes they do. But not at the expense of the 100s of thousands of men women and children who have sacrificed their lives to defend the Constitution and the Amendments we all hold dear. There is a price to be paid for freedom. Our Founding Fathers knew that. Look at the cost they paid for freedom.
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First They Junked the Constitution

Kevin1824 Wrote: May 08, 2013 4:43 PM
Do you people even read the article before you go off on a tangent trying to rip apart the words printed from the actual meaning of what was said? Charles Payne is talking about the relevance of the Constitution today as it was when it was written. Our Founding Fathers were very brilliant men. they knew that technology would change. None of them lived in caves and protected themselves with rocks and sticks. If you want to see the future, don't forget the past. The Constitution was written based on the never changing heart of mankind. People are exactly the same today as they were 200 years ago. Only our cell phones are smaller and we have color TV. When speaking about the 3-D printing the "Liberator" gun he prefaces it with What if
Those who claim that 90% of the American population want stricter gun laws are just plain lying. 80% of NRA members favor tighter gun laws. Is this a joke? America has not had a 90% consensus since Dec 7, 1941. When Japan launched a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. Not even when the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center happened was there a 90% consensus on the direction that America should take. So suddenly all of America agrees to defy the 2nd Amendment that hundreds of thousands of American soldiers died protecting due to the horrendous murders of 20 children?? And someone actually can say new laws are "common sense" with a straight face. Insanity is rampant in America. It's called politics.
My God ryoung292, I hope you are not serious!! It's that kind of thinking that is driving this country straight into the toilet! It's the crazies like you who have corrupted this country. I bet you even believe in Rainbow roads and Unicorns. You couldn't stop Hitler with a hug.
From what I saw on the news this morning, the assault weapons ban is part of this background check package. Funny how that did not get mentioned in the CBS erport
Excuse Me ! kids buying ammo all the time! Just exactly where do you get your information. Oh wait, I forgot. If the truth suffice, Liberals make something up and pawn it off as the truth. That's because the real truth does not support their cause. You send in a 12 year old to buy ammo and see how far they get. Holy Moly you people are so friggin ignorant.
Right out of theGun Control Playbook
I live in Colorado and was at the senate hearings last Friday. I was totally appalled at the spectical I saw unfold before me. I am still stuned at the total stupidity demonstrated by the senators favoring the gun bills. As this guy said, that people should wait untill the attacker stops to reload to then take him down. It is presented as if this happens all the time during shootings. I started investigating how many times that has happened since the Columbine shootings here in 1999. So far, I have found only ONE. That was the one referenced, the Tuscon shooting where Gabby Gifford was shot. But the Democrats make it sound like it happens all the time. There is no lie too grotesque that they won't tell to further their agenda.
My personal thought is the respect for life has been removed from our society. When women are allowed to destroy their unborn children by the millions with such casual attitudes, this get passed on to every one. Then people are suprised that someone can enter a movie theater and shoot at hundreds of people. Another can break into an elementary school and shoot 20 children. Those people don't respect their own life, why would they respect other lives? The disintegration of moral standards, and being taught what is right and wrong depends on your perspective is where a society collapses. And those who have created the break in society standards claim no responsibility.
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