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jarhead is so sensitive. what a shameful representative of our USMC. he probably was a girl scout.
Docs have seen more sh*^ then you ever seen. ever open someone's chest to remove a coke can from and IED??? NOPE
mc, i see i have struck a tone with you. Its fun to mess with weak minded individuals like yourself.
USMC: 13A and 13F.
im back for a second to right your wrong. The NEJM is the foremost journal of USMC medicine in the world. The fact you dispute this only bolsters the fact you are a fraud. I dont care if were were an ANGLICO b/c the last time ANGLICOs were relevant were in WWII. I was an arty man in my past life and probably called in more real world FFE missions and talked on more A-10s for gun runs than you pooped behind trees. have a day and enjoy your tax payer hand out.
BTW USMC,,, you need to seek some serious mental health. You have some problems that may stem from your delusional memories of serving in the corps. BTW,,,the USMC is just a small land, wanna be army that has a massive inferiority complex.
hate to let you go USMC but i again have had my share of ignorance for the week,,,,break,,break,,,,make that the month. later bro.
1. Retired. + living off the teet. 2. you are whining 3. Why does an ignorant bible beater spew lies 4. you dont contribute to society. and probably never have 5. you probably used govt loans to sell your businesses. since both were probably associated with selling snake oil 6. Job: Pediatrician. US Army Vet, Iraq, 07, Afghan 04 in trama wards. 7. i dont need obama care.....
usmc: when have you actually done more than troll this website. I log on to this sorry website about once a week at best and articles are full of you vile. That tells me you are not contributing to society b/ you dont have a job. You are most likely leaching off of the govt teet,,,unlike most of us that have jobs that pay more in one week than you have earned in more than your entire pitiful life.
usmcpgw: What are your arguments that obamacare increased tricare costs,,,,there is no proof they have. I pay no more now than i did in 1997. Also,,,,,since you are an expert,,, explain to me why i have have several med appointments CNX for myself and a dependant because of the shutdown. Explain?
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