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Bergdahl is a traitor. Hang him like the evil scoundrel he is.
37% of all aborted babies are African American because the abortion industry targets black women with slick psychology based propaganda to trick them into having abortions. This is genocide and everyone knows it. The Bible says those who do not oppose this horror will end up being condemned by God just like the butchers who did the murdering.
The March for Life was about saving innocent babies from being slaughtered by the dark side/Liberals/socialists/Democrats. It should come as no surprise that the media, which supports this genocide (especially when it is done to African American babies by Planned Parenthood/KKK), would ignore it. In the end, God will judge the media for their role in exterminating 50+ million innocent babies, by putting all of them in hell. It’s all in the Bible. God will judge the abortionists and their supporters in congress, in the white house, and in the press.
Kudlow’s claim that Obama’s tax hikes are wrong is based on the FALSE belief Obama wants to help people and the US. Obama has made it clear that he seeks to destroy the US because he is a Muslim/socialist/dark sider. Therefore his plans to tax working people, but not the rich criminals who bankrolled his reelection is absolutely correct.
Too bad Obama is not concerned about violence against black women and black babies in US abortion clinics. Jesus is concerned about it and those who murder will feel God’s judgment. If you are not actively against abortion, God will not bless you. The Bible says you are already condemned.
Nazi Germany had the holocaust. The US has Planned Parenthood and abortion. 37% of abortions are of black babies because white liberals/Democrats target pregnant black women to have abortions. Why? To solve what liberals call the “Neg*ro Problem”.
If you are not against abortion, you are against Jesus of Nazareth. And He is against you. If you are not against abortion, then black lives do not matter to you.
Were it not for the racial hatred of Planned Parenthood and the KKK, there would be little if any support for abortion in America
Obama knows that the pro abortion movement was started by a KKK racist named Margaret Sanger, and that Planned Parenthood and the KKK played huge roles in Roe v Wade.
Obama knows that abortion is the torture and murder of fully human babies. Romans Ch 1 says God reveals what is evil to everyone. This means everyone knows abortion is murder-God has revealed it to them.
What’s the matter? You could not find any black babies to murder today?
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