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That's the way they were programmed.
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Africa: A Tragic Continent

Ronald Reagan Fan Wrote: 22 hours ago (12:27 PM)
The reason for the political and moral differences of African nations lies in how much Christianity there is in the various nations. It is no secret that nations with the highest percentage of Christians are the most prosperous and the most free and generous. It is no secret that nations with the highest percentage of Muslims and atheists are the ratholes of Africa
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War On Women: Is It Over?

Ronald Reagan Fan Wrote: Oct 28, 2014 9:00 PM
The Democrats' war on black babies and children will never end as long as evil monsters like Michelle Nunn are prowling around.
Adams is one pathetic black person to support a Ku Klux Klan supporter like Kay Hagan. It was just a few years ago that NC Democrats used racist Democrat judges to forcibly sterilize black women. I guess Adams does not care about that.
Why doesn't Katie Pavlich come out and say the obvious. Democrats were caught breaking the law!!!. People who deny voter fraud exists and is done ONLY by Democrats are filthy mouthed liars. I am talking about filthy mouthed racist redneck liberals like Jimmy Carter (Georgia's version of George Wallce and Huey Long). Face it, Democrats are evil scumbags who are unfit to coexist with real humans.
"non-citizens and convicted felons overwhelmingly support Democrats" Doesn't this say that Democrats are morally more evil and vile than the criminal immigrants and felons who votefor them? Sure it does. Face it folks, Democrats are the dregs of the human race, not just America, but the whole humn race.
By all means, pray that Delay does charge the DA with misconduct and that her career is ruined forever. To forgive the DA is godly, the Bible says so. But to not punish her severely, is ungodly and just plain stupid. To not charge her is an insult to the American people.
So, according to the court, the liberal, partisan Democrat DA FAKED the case. DA Lehmberg (the violent obscenity spewing drunk) made up the entiree case, and presented "claims" to the grand jury she knew was false. Her witnesses commited perjury and she knew about it or convinced them to commit perjury. That is what the court actually said. So when Lehmberg be charged and indicted with false accusations and other criminal activity?
There was a shooting of a black man by Savannah police several weeks ago that looked like it would be another Ferguson. Problem was the mayor and county commission chair are BOTH black Democrats so they told the local agitators to shut up and not make the Dems look bad.
I guess Georgia's black voters do not know that Nunn is endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan.
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