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Israel voted God’s word in electing Netanyahu. America voted Satan’s word in electing Obama.
Brilliant reposte Mr Liberal-brilliant. You libs show why you are so ed-you-kated.
If you listen to the psychopathic, racist anti-Jewish and anti-Israel rants coming from Obama, Susan Rice, you can see why ISIS, Iran et al really consider Barack Obama to be an ally of theirs. You can see why every Israeli thinks Obama hates Israel and seeks its destruction.
The Bible says Israel’s enemies are God’s enemies. Once again Obama is on the wrong side of God. We should welcome Netanyahu and the wisdom he brings, wisdom totally lacking in any foreign policy discussion in the Obama administration.
Grijalva is a Nazi. Grijalva also defends/keeps mass murdering Mexican drug dealers from prosecution. Grijalva is also a fierce hate soaked enemy of Native Americans. Grijalva's side lost the civil war, and lost WWII. The passage of the 1964 civil rights bill was a crushing defeat for Grijalva and friends. It's time to remember the Alamo and do to Grijalva and his Nazi buddies what Gen Sam Houston did to Santa Ana at San Jacinto.
Obama think-a-likes crucified Jesus, but they could not kill Him. They put Jesus in a grave, but the grave could not hold Him. Jesus condemned the liberals/Democrats/homosexuals/Muslims 2000 years ago when He told the disciples they (and all believers) would be persecuted because of Him. It is not Christians that Obama and other enemies hate, it is Jesus. On the day of judgment, everyone will bow and declare Jesus to be Lord, then His followers will join Him forever. Obama and the liberals will join Satan forever in hell.
In other words, there’s enough evidence to put Lois Lerner away for life if the prosecutors will do their job. Hope and change really means Hitler déjà vu.
This is how Chicago has been transformed courtesy of Obama's new vision for America. And yes, Obama DOES know about this torture chamber (and yes, Blacks are tortured there), so does Rahm Emanuel. Both support it and defend it. If you want to see what Nazi Germany was like in the late 1930s, look at Chicago under the Liberal Democrats today. The Homan House of Torture reminds us of the 1980s when Chicago police routinely tortured black 'suspects'-anyone remember Det Jon Burge, and then DA Richard Daley? They were both in on it.
Why is it that not one liberal who defends Obama’s amnesty for criminal immigrants lives anywhere close to where these murderers live and hang out?
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