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The Times Picayune is obviouslly a paid mouthpiece of tthe Democratic party. It is no more a newspaper than Pravda or Rodong Shimbun of North Korea.
Grimes is a clone of Nazi-Fascist Harry Reid. She has consistently supported every single thing Obama has done. These are statements of fact. Moreover being a southern white Democrat, we know she supports government enforced abortions of non-white babies and forced sterlizations of non-white women.
In God's eyes, the actions attributed to Obama are tantamount to murder. Many people say this an example of Obama failing to do his job. Thomas Sowell has said many times that Obama' policies are actually a success based on his socialist objectives.ake your choice, Obama is a murderer, a failure or a socialist willing to murder Americans to achieve his goals.
Team Obama in action again. ISIS for all its evil is less a threat to us than Obama and company.
WaPo and the other sadisitic perverts andbbot's quadriple hate groups are desperate because the polls look bad their side on election day. The ad is in the same boat as Wendy davis' ad showing paid actors and actesses in wheelchairs and crutches, to amke fun of Greg Abbots quadriplegic condition.
Today's revelation that Pres Bush i.e W was right all along about WMDs in Iraq vindicates him and I pray it destroys every single Democrat. Everyone involved in the conspiracy to cover up the WMDs (and the fact that unsuspecting GIs were exposed to those materials) should be convicted of treason and given life in priosn-no parole possible.
Andrea Mitchell has been called a Nazi butcher millions of times. Now you see why. By the way, doesn't MSNBC support the government enforced infanticide of non-white babies?
"Hitler's daughter" come to mind.
Doesn't anyone have the guts and honesty to tell the truth, namely that those human props are actualy paid performers and none of them is handicapped. No handicapped person would EVER support Davis. Why would a handicapped person support Davis? Her campaign ads show she hates handicapped people so much that given the chance she would exterminate them just like Hitler did!!!!
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