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Pierson is Obama's own man (i.e woman). Saying she should resign is saying Obama is a failure and he should resign also. Way to go Rep Cummings.
Landrieux has always been a racist and friend of the La KKK. Given her role in the deaths of African Americans in New Orelans during Katrina, it is unbelievable that even one black person would have voted for her. voting for Landrieus is racist for a white voter.
Get real, Every single Democrat supports Obamacare-no exceptions. That should be the claim of every Republican because that is the truth.
There is one other factor. The KKK is very powerful in N Carolina. It has solidly endorsed Kay Hagan because her values are in line with the KKK.
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What the Arab World Produces

Ronald Reagan Fan Wrote: Sep 30, 2014 12:22 PM
This focuses only on the Arabs. When you factor in the Nigerians, Persians, Afghans, Pakistanis,Maylasians and Indonesians, it is worse. Example: according to documented revelations of US GIs, almost 100% of Afghan Muslims practice forced homosexual sex with underage boys. Homosexuality and pedophlia are rampant and commonplace amongst Muslims, as is violence against women. Face it. We see the real Islam in the terrorist Oklahoma beheading, the FT Hood terrorist attacks, 911, Hamas and ISIS, and nothing else.
He was not violent and full of hate until he became a Muslim. He beheaded the woman because he is a Muslim and Muslims hate women. That is all we need to know.
Cattle to be tortured and butchered
The goals and desires of teachers unions are the exact opposite of the goals of thosewho want children to be educated properly.
"Somehow, this perfectly reasonable proposal morphed into "JeffCo wants to remove slavery from the history curriculum!" No, JeffCo wants history books to teach the facts that slavery was supported and defended by DEMOCRATS, and opposed by REPULICANS, and that NOTHING has changed since 1864. JeffCo wants students to be taught that labor unions promoted racial hatred of African Americans, Native Americans, Jews and Hispanics, and that the Reoublican fought this, and that nothing has changed since 1900. Any questions about the unions and why they are manipulating (abusing) children?
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GOP Bordering On Victory

Ronald Reagan Fan Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 1:17 PM
The GOP better realize that immigration from 3r world counties is also stupid and dangerous to the nation. Just look at Europe-immigration has killed off these nations, their economies, their character, and their sense of right vs wrong.
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