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The Unlikelihood of President Hillary

Kepha Wrote: Dec 09, 2012 8:49 AM
The public seems to like Hillary Hamhocks? What's wrong with you, America? That woman covered up bribery in the Whitewater fiasco, and in the Arab Spring fiasco showed incredibly bad judgment. Further, when she finally mentioned the First Amendment after blaming an obscure Coptic Egyptian immigrant for the blowups in Egypt and Libya, she sounded both tinny and as if she were speaking a foreign language which she hadn't mastered. I only regret that there doesn't seem to be a sane country to which an American might emigrate should we the O followed by Shrillary.
The votes have been cast, the count has been completed, and we all know the winner of the presidential election. So now it's just a matter of letting the Electoral College meet to make the outcome official. Then we can get along with planning the inauguration of Hillary Clinton.

True, it's still four years away. But by now it's clear that Republicans needn't bother putting up a nominee. They may as well save their money and candidates for 2024, when Hillary will be ready to leave Washington and become a judge on "The Voice."

The secretary of state is currently more popular than...