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jviljoen: Once I asked a Leftist--who often called me a racist--why the Marxist revolution always failed to unleash the promised, science-says, unprecedented productive forces. The answer was that the Russians were backwards, the Chinese primitive, and poor Fidel and Che got left with the Afro-Cuban and Mulatto masses when the Cuban middle class left for Miami. Basically, blame it on the poor Slavic Uentermensch and the primitive Asiatic and Der Shvortzer. Pretty disgusting, huh?
Poor Nelson Mandela. Got out of prison just in time to see his backers in the Stasi and KGB fall from power, and hence unable to help him build his justice-as-vengeance state. Something tells me that God speaks Afrikaans.
And the Communist jailers were advised by the East German Stasi, and institutional grandchild of the Gestapo (Stalin and Ulbricht used "reformed" Gestapo members to form the core of the new East German Volkspolizei).
Mandela did not use his powers to turn the tables simply because East Germany and the Soviet Union collapsed as he was leaving prison, and could no longer send Stasi and KGB advisers to teach him how to do it--and subsidize his terror state should the liberal West gulp in dismay and impose some half-hearted sanctions. Hey, I'm old enough to remember when only Joan Baez, among the thousands of professional agonized consciences of the Sillier 'Seventies, dared admit that the Communists in Cambodia committed mass murder, and apologized for having enabled it. Further, South Africa's murder rate has skyrocketed, and the ethnic cleansing of the rural white population (and the Dutch presence in the Western Cape is as old as Mandela's own Xhosa people's--both displaced the Khoi San peoples) continues apace, and uncovered. We've also had such wonderful associates of Mandela as Thabo Mbeki refusing to face up to his country's HIV-AIDS crisis, and doing nothing to fight the continuing folk belief that AIDS can be cured by intercourse with a very young child. We've seen the liberated South African military going from one of the most disciplined on the continent to being a major rapist in the eastern Congo on a supposed "peacekeeping" mission. South Africa is going through a "get even" phase, but in slow motion and unreported by few save Ilana Mercer.
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Jindal’s Brilliant Take on Radical Islam

Kepha Wrote: Jan 19, 2015 12:22 AM
Egypt is the most populous Arabic-speaking country (which goes no further east than Iraq, and no further north than Syria).
What of people who distribute literature and films calling the predator Harvey Milk a hero and immediately declaring any and all who are concerned about what is being done to the young a "hater"? isn't that a hostile work environment, too?
Ransom isn't approving of the murders in the least.
Sooner or later, we need to admit that the kind of religion one follows does indeed matter. A rabbi scolds a wealthy congregation in Connecticutt: You're not doing enough for HaShem! A new wing on a hospital goes up. A pastor scolds a wealthy congregation in the Sunbelt: You're not doing enough for Christ! A few private schools and homeless shelters go up. A mullah scolds a wealthy Jami somewhere on the Persian Gulf: You're not doing enough for Allah! Smoke, bomb fragments, and body parts go up.
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When Miss America Was a Jewess

Kepha Wrote: Jan 09, 2015 7:28 PM
Same here, Steve.
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