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Watch your spelling. It's incompetent.
While I'm not for wishing anyone dead, all rhinoceros species are endangered, and reduced to extremely low numbers.
Rich, only Louisiana has law based on the Code Napoleon (a variation on Roman law) rather than English Common Law. That's because Lousiana was French before Jefferson purchased it and everything else between the Mississippi and the Rockies back in 1803. One major difference between English Common Law and the Napoleonic Code is that in the latter, the accused must prove innocence, while in the former, the prosecution must prove guilt.
Also, my Eurasian son griped in High School that his US History course wss "just women and blacks 101". Maybe we ought to start plugging books and periodicals for the young to read. I think there is a hunger for knowledge rather than propaganda.
Hey, I'm a boomer and a teacher--even if I sometimes feel that I'm really a professional swindler of the young when I look at the textbooks and curriculum I have to teach. Yet I am a conservative.
Or, perhaps, the American Left has become very Rousseauan rather than Jeffersonian, and seeks to "compel them to be free" (free, according to the Left's definition).
I believe that there are far more battles for religious liberty that need to be fought. A major issue in Constitutional jurisprudence is that the "rights" which late 20th century courts discovered in the "penumbrae" of the Constitution have come to trump those clearly spelled out in the First Amendment. This is why the Hobby Lobby case had to be fought and why bullies in black robes forced photographers and caterers, against their consciences, to serve homosexual "weddings". Unhappily, only five Supreme Court justices exhibited sanity this time.
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Benghazi and Hillary

Kepha Wrote: Jun 29, 2014 7:44 AM
Nor are we told why we had a "consulate" in Benghazi that offered neither visa not citizens' services--the two functions which consulates are usually expected to provide. Is there any discussion of Ambassador Stevens' warnings about the dangers of the place; information that came out as Congress and the then-SecState were arguing the issue? Is there any discussion of why this maladministration was tilting towards the Muslim Brotherhood? Or why we were supporting a pro-Qaida rebellion in Libya?
Ah, yes, Pete! Every red-blooded American knows that only Leftists, feminists, LGBT activists, and suchlike are allowed to be obnoxious, abusive, and intolerant.
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No Denying Climate Change Deniers

Kepha Wrote: Jun 26, 2014 7:14 AM
I wonder if a lot of the problem isn't when non-scientists--such as journalists--get hold of someone's tentative findings, blow them out of proportion, and then give us the apocalyptic scenarios that just happen to sell well?
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