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True Capitalism Can Weed Out System-Wrecking Psychopaths

KenUSA Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 5:32 PM
Best analysis on why there in no such thing as "fiscal" conservatism. Conservatism recognizes the tangible value of all things and acts as a self cleaning oven.
A colleague mentioned earlier this week how thankful he is that he can tell anyone who deserves it to go take a flying leap. (Actually, his precise words are unprintable, but you get the idea.) At first glance, such uninhibited opinion-sharing might seem rude and unacceptable, but upon further reflection, it becomes clear how individuals rising up and courageously telling off the creeps who deserve it would benefit society as a whole, and how capitalism in particular is the perfect vehicle for this.

In stomping out brutal honesty and critical thought in favor of politeness and the fear of offending,...