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Tying the Knot With 'Big Daddy'

Ken the Playful Walrus Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 5:20 PM
We have a culture that encourages weddings and giving birth, but one that discourages and fails to support marriage and parenting, especially in that men are now culturally and legally punished for marrying. Children have been turned into accessories at best, liabilities at worst instead of assets. Men can get everything they want without marrying, while marrying exposes a man to severe legal and professional liabilities. The ONLY reason for men to marry now is 1) a belief that sex with someone other than your spouse is a sin AND wanting sex enough to be willing to take on the severe risks OR 2) believing it best for children to have married parents AND wanting children enough to take on the risks AND wanting what is best for the child.
Rhodin Wrote: Dec 10, 2012 9:38 AM
The only reasons for women to marry nowadays are religious belief and doing what's best for the kids, too. It's not like there aren't several ways to support a single parent family nowadays from public assistance all the way to working full-time and paying someone else to watch them, whether it's a nanny, daycare, or a relative. I guess without the financial incentive to stay with someone, women are willing to forgo the emotional benefits of marriage as well.
My son, age 42, finally got married. His bride, in a shimmering turquoise maternity dress, walked down a red carpet with rose petals scattered by his 8-year-old twin nieces, to join a cantor who sang the Jewish blessings under a chuppah, a canopy held by a man on each corner, in a quasi-traditional wedding ceremony.

The bridegroom broke the traditional glass under his foot, the guests cheered, and a jazz combo struck up syncopated rhythms heralding the happy couple.

If that sounds more quasi- than traditional, the bridegroom gets credit for breaking through a social trend. More than 23 percent of...