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Here we go again. As a married father, I'd LIKE to believe that I am better off (health and wealth wise) because I married than I would be if I hadn't married. However, statistics are very tricky things. There's no way of comparing what >>>I
Part of the problem is that many heterosexual men have come to the conclusion that that marriage laws, along with the family courts and the overall culture, have made marriage much more risky for men and have diminished or eliminated the possible rewards. Thus, they are unmotivated to defend marriage, as it currently exists, from the Leftist homofascists. Just search "marriage strike" and "Men Going Their Own Way" for details.
I like to point out that I'm more strongly in favor of "gay rights" than most Democrat leaders. I support the right of a gay person to freedom of religion, free speech, gun ownership, property rights, voting rights, freedom of enterprise, etc. I fully support a gay person's freedom of association, That is because I support INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS regardless of sexual orientation, whereas the Democrats want to reduce the rights of gay people (and everyone else) and centralize power in the federal government.
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Grammy’s Same Love

Ken the Playful Walrus Wrote: Mar 17, 2014 11:40 AM
Of course homosexual behavior and being of African ancestry are exactly the same. Why, everyone knows that homosexual people were taken from their homeland en masse for a perilous journey, to be systemically enslaved, dehumanized, and raped/whipped/beaten/killed - legally. Everyone remembers when LGBT people were tortured and lynched in broad daylight with the entire town turning out to participate, celebrate, and pose for pictures with what was left of the corpses. Remember when LGBT people were forcefully segregated and subjected to Jim Crow laws? And, of course, everyone knows someone engages in homosexuality the moment they walk into a room, so it is just like skin color! And homosexual people earn more money than the general population. If that's not like being of African ancestry, I don't know what is.
Gluttony and greed includes obesity.
"Porn addiction" is not real. It is a phrase used by counselors to make money, people who like porn (usually men) to excuse their behavior, and to often to sooth spouses (usually wives) who want to object to porn viewing but don't want to leave the marriage ("He couldn't help it. He was addicted!) People, especially men, like seeing the human body and sexual activity. That's a normal state of male mentality, which could be part of our fallen nature, but is reality anyway. We just fixate on this issue because it tends to be a male problem, and like the rest of the culture, the church will sooner beat up on males than females.
You'd guess wrong, floridahank. And while mainstream entertainment is awful, there is much Christian media to choose from.
Another mention of porn? How many Christians/conservatives are overweight/obese or in debt? Yet we don't like to talk nearly as much about gluttony, greed, and gossip, which are all explicitly condemned in the Bible. Your husbands are going to see other women. Even if there was no media, even if everyone walked around in modest clothing, your husband is going to see the figures of other women. That's just reality. And no, the ubiquitous smut is not going to engulf your children in addiction and and turn them into mass murderers. Otherwise, we'd already have hundreds of millions of mass murderers. I am not defending smut, immodesty, fornication, or lusting. I just think we need to stop being so hysterical and fixated, ignoring that about a third of our congregations are OBESE, and another third are overweight, because it damages our credibility.
Oh, the Left likes to cite youth opinion on this as making it "inevitable" and "mandatory" that we change public policy right now. Funny, they never apply these principles when surveys reveal that most young people are much more pro-life in their positions on abortion than current abortion law.
Thanks for telling people about that.
I used to scoff at this. Then Leftists started demanding human rights for certain other species.
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