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Legally, it is until one of the spouses decides to end it, which they can do unilaterally for no reason whatsoever, can they can be financially rewarded for doing so.
Andy, I agree with everything you wrote right there wholeheartedly, except for the last sentence. I am on "your" side (which I understand is His side.)
Don't forget that if a woman survived her pregnancies/childbirthing, she was likely to outlive a man her age, since men were apt to die in battles or doing hard labor. This would leave more women around than men.
Wonderful! That's great. Good for both of you! I agree shacking up is a horrible idea and that sex is for marriage. Tell me - what should be done when a woman chooses NOT to do what you wife did, and frequently rejects her husband, and it turns out she just isn't all that interested in sex? These are very real situations and when we're teaching younger generations that sex is for marriage, we can't ignore these possibilities. "One other thing about not living together and waiting until the wedding day --- the sex is much more satisfying (and frequent, in my case)." How do you know? I mean, what are you comparing it to? Are you saying sex with her wouldn't be this way if you had fornicated with her? Or, if you're comparing it to past experiences, how do you know it isn't just the difference in the women?
Although I think shacking up is a horrible idea, the fact is, some people do and go on to have lasting and happy marriages, while other people who don't shack up have unhappy marriages, some that end in divorce. The real question in either case is WHY? If a relationship is bad, getting married as opposed to shacking up is NOT going to fix it. The real answer is to not be in a bad relationship at all.
I'm definitely someone who thinks anyone who wants to raise kids should be married first, but I also think what is more important than a ceremony or a legal contract is that the parents of the child behave in a loving, committed manner.
I'm sure you're thrilled with man's law... you know, the laws that say elective abortion up through delivery is a "right" and that a brideless union is a "marriage", right?
Thanks. When people say a man is "afraid to commit" I ask, "To what is he committing?" Let's not pretend all of the unmarried women are virtuous, spiritually and emotionally healthy. And let's not forget that legally speaking, what a man is committing to is to be forced to share his earnings with someone who can be a horrible wife and walk away from the marriage with more than half of everything. He's also committing to be financially responsible for 18-25 years for any child she has, even if it is with the neighbor.
Exactly. The problem with the stats is that they lump everyone together. Although I'm against shacking up, not all shackup situations are the same. It's like saying married men are healthier, wealthier, and happier than unmarried men. But "unmarried men" includes men women reject for being poor, sick, and miserable as well as guys who are VERY happy, healthy, and wealthy being unmarried.
Congrats on beating the odds. It's too bad husbands are expected to abandon reason and self-defense to have a "happy" marriage.
Shacking up is bad, but is marriage truly a commitment if it can be ended unilaterally for no reason whatsover?
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