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The same freedom of association that allows two (or more) men to live together, share a bed, have a ceremony, and ask their friends/neighbors/families to consider them married is the same freedom of association that should allow the people of a state to NOT want to associated marriage licenses to brideless or goomless unions. Last year, SCOTUS indicated that the federal government had to defer to states on marriage licenses. Subsequently, a bunch of FEDERAL judges have apparently ignored that and intruded into state matters. I wish the Leftists marriage neutering crowd was more honest and admitted that they're going to forge ahead with neutering marriage regardless of precedents, due process, separation of powers, etc. Remember when they said marriage was just a piece of paper and oppress to women? Now they say it is vitally important to oppress two women at a time with that piece of paper. Remember when they said "stay out of our bedrooms"? Now attendance in their bedrooms is mandatory.
Next thing you know, evangelicals will be going into gay-oriented businesses and demanding those businesspeople participate in events that violate their conscience, and they'll use the force of government to fine them and shut them down if they decline! Oh, wait, I have the that backwards.
"He is on the [Leftist homosexual advocacy organization]’s list of the [most steadfast marriage-and-family defenders], and his Abiding Faith Ministries is on [another Leftist organization]’s list of [groups that don't march in lockstep with them]. So?
While we should continue to resist homofascism, we need to understand that there's a very real possibility they're going to gain even more power and use it to persecute anyone who doesn't enthusiastically celebrate their behaviors.
It is impossible to get government out of marriage, because if nothing else, when there is a breakup, the assets must be divided somehow, and if it isn't by government (such as court) then acrimonious divorces can only be "settled" by sheer force of those directly involved (gunfights, anyone?) Now, marriage policy can either be good for families or bad for families, causing more people to be dependent on government. Guess what kind of policies Leftists want?
I like good conservative comedy. Nobody went to see "An American Carol" in the theaters, but my wife and I did, and I laughed so much and so hard it hurt.
I suppose men should refrain from complimenting women, except with backhanded ones. "I don't care what everyone else says. I think you're great."
"Have we really gotten to the level where the smallest things are now offensive and must be stopped? Where do you draw the line, is just staring briefly at a women also considered harassment?" The answer is yes. The younger generations have been trained to be hypsensitive and demand that their feelings never be hurt. Everything anyone does has to be examined to see if there is any possible way of interpreting it as offensive to (less attractive) women. Pretending men and women aren't different is one of the most obvious flaws of Leftist thought. Even just something as trivial as Comedy Central's male anchors posing as women might pose or Chelsea Handler posing topless like Putin to try to point out how we shouldn't look at men and women differently fall into this trap. Don't like catcalls, ladies? Don't worry. In a few years, nobody will be catcalling in response to you. Then you'll be complaining about how younger women get more attention.
Right. And having those people marry will not make things better,
That's great. I wonder how Catholic priests mature?
No, but apparently marriage between consenting adults is a fundamental right and we must evolve, right?
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