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I love the good Doctor, but the voters are not going to elect someone President without any experience as a Governor or Senator or Speaker of the House. He'd make a great Secretary of Health and Human Services.
To judge evangelicals by watching a few minutes of TBN is like judging all athletes based on watching a few minutes of WWE. There are serious evangelical thinkers whose work isn't difficult to find. How many mockers of Christianity have ever bothered to read or listen to anything by any of the following when addressing what they believe and why, and what it means for how they live: William Lane Craig J.P. Moreland Gary Habermas Chuck Colson Francis Beckwith Greg Koukl R.C. Sproul Hugh Hewitt Nancy Pearcey Joni Eareckson Tada Francis Schaffer Josh McDowell Frank Turek Dinesh D'Souza William Dembski Hugh Ross Peter Kreeft Paul Copan Max Lucado N.T. Wright
We knew this was going to happen. Marriage neutering advocates must simultaneously insist that sex differences are so important they couldn't be happy with someone of the opposite sex AND that sex differences do not matter, to the point of devaluing men and women, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, masculinity and femininity. SCOTUS Justice RBG seems to think the court could be better with 9 women. It's almost as though SHE thinks there are differences between the sexes, but yet she will claim such differences are trivial when it comes to marriage. Go figure.
The state supreme court, which struck down Prop 22, agreed that Prop 8 was a duly adopted state constitutional amendment. Then a homosexual, partnered FEDERAL fudge, er, judge who stood to directly benefit from his ruling, struck down the constitutional amendment. Eventually, it went to SCOTUS. which said they couldn't decide the case because the defense (the people who backed the ballot measure, since California's elected leaders abandoned their oaths and refused to defend their own constitution) didn't have standing. This should have either knocked the matter back to what the state supreme court said (which affirmed Prop 8) or should have meant that only the specific plaintiffs in their respective counties (two couples, two counties) should have been issued "marriage" licenses based on the ruling. But everyone in power has pretended that SCOTUS struck down Prop 8 and that California must issue "marriage" licenses to any brideless or groomless couple. (Also, the same day, SCOTUS ruled in the federal DOMA cases AGAIN that marriage is a STATE matter, but that hasn't stopped federal judges from intervening since the ruling.)
Yes, words are important. That's why neither Prop 22 nor Prop 8 were "bans". Nobody was stopping anyone from having ceremonies, exchanging jewelry, changing names, receiving gifts, having a reception, going on a vacation, living together, calling themselves married, or any business or other non-government organization from recognizing them as such.
Law and order doesn't really apply when it comes to neutering marriage. It is "heads the marriage neutering crowd wins, tails the marriage defenders lose." That is why even though SCOTUS essentially ruled that marriage is a state matter, federal judges continue to intervene to neuter state marriage licenses as though it is a federal matter. Just imagine if conservatives passed on gun licenses the same way, disregarding gun laws. Of course the difference is that gun rights are enumerated in the Constitution, while the "right" to neuter state marriage licenses is not.
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The Rudeness of Registries

Ken the Playful Walrus Wrote: Jun 23, 2014 10:55 AM
My wife keeps a wish list and encourages me (or anyone else) to use it when getting her a gift. It's GREAT! I don't see what the fuss is about, except when wedding invitations include a link to the registry. Those who are interested will ASK where they are registered. I think some people just don't like technological advancements. Don't like these? Don't use them, either for yourself or when buying a gift. Anyone who makes a registry should accept that not everyone is going to use it.
My cheeseburgers topped with bacon-wrapped shrimp aren't respected as much as food with with a "kosher" label, so I'm going to sue the people (represented by their government) until they are forced to apply the "kosher" label to my cheeseburger. After all, it doesn't hurt your food and your synagogue can still refuse to offer my cheeseburgers.
Oh, good. More talk from my fellow social conservatives about what makes someone a "real" man. Notice we never hear about what makes someone a "real" woman. It seems that for one gender, simply turning 18 is what matters. Members of the other MUST take on responsibility for other human beings, including another adult, to be "real". Now I am, BY CHOICE, a married father and sole provider for my family, However, I do not deny that someone can be a "real" man if he never marries and never has children. There are men who have lived such lives as REAL MEN, contributing more to society than they take.
So men NEED nagging, but not women?
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