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Warning: Here's How the "Fiscal Cliff" Could Ruin Your Portfolio

Kent147 Wrote: Jul 23, 2012 5:34 PM
Nice thought but government wastes 90% of what they take in. Giving more revenue just increases this proclivity. The Government should get no more than God expects - 10%. All the entitlements are not funded to provide what they promise. They must go to.

Imagine a train speeding down a track, just a few miles away from a wall that it will crash into. You can't see the wall yet, but you're told it's there anyway. As the train chugs down the track, the wall gets closer until it comes into view. Before long, that wall appears bigger and bigger until it is right in front of the train. By that time, there's no way to stop the train in time and you can only hope that the damage isn't catastrophic.

That's the game Washington is playing with our economy.


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