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A 'Do-Nothing' Plan for Republicans

Kent147 Wrote: 23 hours ago (6:18 AM)
Explain to me why Congress should pass new laws on immigration when the current laws are not enforced. And the current laws were not enforced under George Bush, any more than under Obama. Why do we need new laws that apparently mean nothing? Michael Reagan - so your view is that Tea Party people should expect to be audited for no reason, and have their personal property seized for no reason for the next two years and the Congress should "do nothing" because some day this will all end? Should Congress "fully fund Obamacare" ? You seem to have forgotten that minor issue.
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For What It's Worth

Kent147 Wrote: Nov 24, 2014 6:08 AM
I have yet to see the Republican Leaders compromise with the Tea Party that put John Boehner in the Speaker chair. Instead, they are in all out war with the Tea Party, insulting and attacking them every day in every way. They run liberal candidates against good solid conservatives and use Chicago style corrupt campaigns with lies, smears and rampant cheating. See Mississippi. See the TV ads calling conservatives KKK lovers. No, the Republican Leaders love to compromise with Democrats who are destroying the nation, and want to meet them "half way there". But they never compromise with the people who just want to save America - their own voter base.
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Obama Flips Blacks on Backs

Kent147 Wrote: Nov 24, 2014 6:00 AM
How does the Republican Party represent its base of voters that have wanted a secure border and enforcement of the existing laws for the last 10 years? It insults them on a regular basis and spreads lies and cheats to defeat any candidates who actually are serious about border enforcement. The Republican Party leaders - Boehner, McConnell and Rove - want the exact same policy that Obama just enacted. They just wanted to be part of the giveaway of our borders so they could "buy off" the future votes of all the criminal Obama just legalized. The Republicans are as bad or worse to their base as Obama is to his. Both parties operate in total disregard of what their core base wants. So, Katie, you now owe an article to the Republican Leaders trashing them for ignoring the base that made John Boehner the Speaker in 2010.
The election proved Republican Leaders still don't know who won. Of course they are a bit dimwitted which explains their drooling incoherence.
I like Ken Blackwell. I voted for him for Governor of my state in 2006. Sadly he lost. Ken - I hate to tell you this but Republican Leaders like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell don't want to stop Obama's agenda. They want to "get along" with him. They want to be his BFF. The only agenda the Republican Leaders want to stop is the Tea Party agenda. John Kasich has put out contracts on all conservative legislators in Ohio. And with his new union mob connections, Kasich can deliver. He has moved to the dark side.
Actually, the Republican Party needs to learn Obama lost the election. Somehow that seems lost of the ignoramuses who devise strategy for the GOP. Karl Rove is now lecturing FoxNews viewers every day that Republicans will give Obama all he requests so they are not blamed for a shutdown. Obama wisely will ask for everything seeing such a dunderhead leading his opposition. And Obama knows that with McConnell and Boehner desperately seeking a "signing ceremony" with him and "common ground" and "partnering with Democrats" he has carte blanche to continue to rape and pillage and the idiot Republicans will invent ways to ignore his crimes so they are still in his good favor on the "common ground" mission. What a pathetic opposition party.
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Did Obama Take a Dive?

Kent147 Wrote: Nov 17, 2014 7:43 AM
It is hard to "take a dive" when fighting John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. They are pretty amazing opponents kind of like the Washington Generals. They will not accept surrender. They will force Obama and Harry and Nancy to let them help get the Democrat agenda passed, at least a "compromise" version. Boehner and McConnell are too smart for trichinology. They will show Obama by just passing his full agenda on their own to show they are on to his games.
Wow, I never thought of this. If we just let things play out a few more decades the Democrats will be exposed as corrupt lying thugs and America can then turn toward the GOP vision - open borders, smiling hispanic former felons now pardoned becoming Republicans, big compassionate government programs, children educated by Common Core with federal bureaucrats instructing all in what is OK to think, much cooperation with Democrats, a big federal government that does whatever is needed.
Basically, he just admitted to committing fraud in his efforts which got him millions of dollars, all based on his lying to get things done. There was a time when "fraud" was a crime. Now, you get a professorship. One must ask, "when are the Republicans ever going to repeal this awful thing instead of just talking about it"? Under current leadership, including Reince Preibus, the answer is NEVER.
When are Republican EVER going to do anything serious to end Obamacare, now that it is public knowledge is was sold based on lies (and those who did committed fraud with public funds and should be jailed) and further it is destroying lives and personal savings. So, Mr. Priebus, when is the Republican Party ever going to ACT instead of just doing meaningless posturing? Or is being a Republican all about talking and never about doing?
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