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Obama is a white President. He is not black. I have seen pictures of his mother.
Why would it matter if there were black talk radio hosts? It is the ideas that matter, not the color of the skin of the speaker. That is from Martin Luther King. And beyond that, the black race is now so poisoned with its own racism that is automatically brands any conservative black - Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Ken Blackwell, Allen West - as "Uncle Tom's". Blacks in America are simply not permitted to be conservative. That is the problem. The problem is Democrat's have made the black community a white man's plantation where blacks are allowed to speak as long as they say what the master permits. If they dare to have independent thoughts (which many do) they are whipped and put in the woodshed for months until their thinking improves. Black racism is the problem - not white racism.
Please produce the documentation that gave the Federal Government ownership of 90% of Nevada. When it became a state the state owned the land. When did the state transfer ownership to Harry Reid?
It's not your grass idiiot, unless you have a land title. Do you?
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Why Ryan Matters

Kent147 Wrote: Mar 25, 2014 8:54 AM
First, let's deal with the defamation of people like Sarah Palin, which Mona has actually done. Let's deal with how the Republican elite, of which Mona views herself, deal with conservatives who simply want smaller government, rule of law, performance on the promise by Republicans to "end Obamacare", real spending cuts and reductions in the national debt. These radical ideas, often expressed by Sarah Palin, earned her the scorn of people like Mona. I think Mona needs to write an apology column, Why Sarah Matters.
Why would they ever be granted legal citizenship? There is no serious plan by either party to establish effective borders. Paul's comments in this area are in support of John Boehner and his insane plan to do Amnesty now, exactly as Obama wants.
It is good Rand Paul seeks to stop unconstitutional and tyrannical government snooping into our private lives. Why is he for unconstitutional and illegal ignoring of our borders by foreigners who then demand they be fed and clothed and supported by actual American citizens? Why is honoring the law right in the first case and wrong in the second case?
Whatever side the EU bureaucracy is on, I would choose the other. Generally I would say the same about Putin. So this situation is either very difficult or easy. When no side is attractive, stay out of the mess.
Bill Ayers says good things about his wife Bernadine Dohrn who he had to find after his prior romantic interest, Diana Oughton, blew herself up while making a bomb to kill people. Hate when that happens. Bernadine is much more of a lady. When the Manson women killed 8 month pregnant actress Sharon Tate, the pacifist Bernadine said, "“Offing those rich pigs with their own forks and knives, and then eating a meal in the same room, far out!" Is it too much or a sin to wish Bill and Bernadine, now rich jet setters, could experience the "far out" themselves?
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