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We're Living in Depressing Times

Kent147 Wrote: Oct 16, 2014 7:25 AM
The depressing thing is not that Democrats are all working in unison to destroy America. That is obvious but not depressing all by itself. The depressing part is that there is no opposition party seriously confronting the Democrats and their corruption and tyranny. A good man said, 'Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.' Since the Republican Party leadership has decided to be silent in the face of the evil of the Democrats, good people must create other effective ways of fighting evil. A new party that is based on what the Republican Party used to support and defend is needed, now that the Republicans have sold themselves to commercial interests and are no longer in the liberty business.
A lot of words about nothing. Who holds that office is completely meaningless if John Boehner is still the Speaker. A better article would be about a challenge to Boehner from the conservative wing. The challenger would promise to 1) repeal Obamacare, 2) reduce spending, 3) reduce taxes, 4) end agencies that are not needed any longer or required by the Constitution, 5) defund Judges who are operating against the Constitution, 6) defund the IRS since it is operating outside the law, 7) immediately jail Lois Lerner for her utter disregard of the law and her role as a public servant, 8) establish Special Committees with urgent missions to investigate Libya, IRS, Fast and Furious and issue reports to the people within 4 months as these crimes have all been ignored for too long. We need a Congress that represents the people. We presently have a Congress that represent the Government and large corporate interests. We need a radical change or our system of democratic republican government will end. To do this we need John Boehner fired along with his key lieutenants because they are actively working against the people. That would be a crucial race.
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Kent147 Wrote: Oct 13, 2014 7:38 AM
Rich Galen always provides a good bit of humor to start the day. He wants the President who thinks it is a great idea to have people from all third world nations illegally entering the country with zero examination of their health status, the President who employs the CDC Director who stated that "suspending commercial air travel between the US and West African Ebola infected nations" would increase our risk of having the Ebola disease spread - Rich wants this President to convene a "panel of experts" to tell us what to do. Rich, thank you for your cluelessness. It is special.
Michael Barone is a nice man and very polite. He is also extremely naive. Democrat "on defensive". Cut me a break. Across the entire American scene, liberals (mostly Democrats but with lots of Republican support) and erasing American freedoms. These tyrants of both parties are telling us what we can eat, dictating what American manufacturers can produce, what toilet we can sit on, what interest rates banks will pay us for our savings, how we can use our own homes for business purposes, how we are allowed to worship. Basicallly everything. And there is zero Republican Party push back on this - in fact the Republican Party goes out of its way not to oppose anything the Democrats do. Michael - you are out to lunch. Now, go and order whatever Michelle Obama permits Americans to have for lunch.
Paul Greenberg, normally an astute observer, gets this totally wrong. There is no time out. The Supreme Court just told the states - "you can decide this issue, as long as you do not decide to support marriage as it has been understood for the last 2000 years. You can decide as long as you support homosexual marriage. Anything outside of that and we will see you in the woodshed". Paul - your mind is on vacation but your pen is working overtime.
Cal Thomas demonstrates a full lack of any understanding. If the Court were turning the issue back to the states, as he ignorantly suggests, then those states who have created legislation banning gay marriage, clearly and with large majorities supporting, would have their laws in force and secured by this Court action. But the opposite is true. Any state that creates laws using their legal processes and in compliance with their Constitution, that protects traditional marriage, has had their laws overturned by judicial tyrants of the sort that Cal Thomas lauds. Only one outcome is being allowed by the states - and that is the end of marriage. Marriage is henceforth the joining of whatever, and whatever is whatever the most liberal cohort thinks on a given day using immorality as its lodestar. Sorry Cal, you are way off on this one.
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Get Out and Vote

Kent147 Wrote: Oct 09, 2014 8:15 AM
Voting is important, as long as you are voting for something that is good and decent. Voting is not good if the vote is for an office holder demonstrated to be immoral and corrupt - like Thad Cochran and those who supported him, Mitch McConnell, Rob Portman, John Cornyn, etc. Voting for evil people with the fairy tale idea those evil people will produce good is not the act of a good person, but the act of an idiot and an enemy of freedom.
I think you might be the troll. Sigsauer nailed it. The RNC never contributes to conservative candidates.
The RNC is wise to pull its money. If it ran ads now, while people are starting to make up their minds, the RNC might accidentally help elect a conservative. Since that is the opposite of their goal, it makes sense to pull back. Why advertise right before an important election?
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You Can't Keep a Good Myth Down

Kent147 Wrote: Oct 02, 2014 7:43 AM
First, I didn't stay home though I knew the evil Romney was such a pathetic candidate he wouldn't win, since he always tripped all over himself talking about what a great guy Obama was. He even let Candy Crowley shove him into a corner during his debate instead of standing up like an actual man and leader and forcing Obama to give full details on where we was and precisely what he did the night of Benghazi. So this one Romney idea is fine. A better idea would have been to have the courage to run a true campaign to win against one of the weakest candidates in the history of the nation. Conservatives did not stay home. But blue collar independents, Reagan Democrats, were not convinced to vote for this guy who was building the house with the garage with an elevator in it during the campaign. But this is a handy excuse for RINOs who are gearing up to insist we nominate this loser again, of course, because he is "the only electable Republican".
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