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Does anyone know the percentages in the Cassidy/Landrieu final vote tally?
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Kent138 Wrote: Oct 03, 2014 3:46 PM
Careful how you say that Republican, Libertarian and Tea Party are "compounding the issue." Compounding the issue is that the biggest advocates of Common Core tend to be 20-something to 40-something childless white men who are affiliated with various pro-business, pro-Republican think tanks, trade associations and the Chamber of Commerce. I am a retired math teacher who with many other conservative and Republican colleagues strongly oppose Common Core, its methods of testing, many of its techniques and solution methods. Leave it to the individual states and school districts and the mathematic faculties in each district to decide on the specific needs of the local students.
Under current Texas law, the governor can remove a sitting judge from the bench with approval of two-thirds of Texas House and Senate members. Gov. Perry should immediately remove Judge Boyd for her inane sentencing of Ethan Couch. The APA should look at the licensing of the Psychologist for using a term not recognized by the APA. Boyd, who previously announced she is retiring at the end of her term next year, declined to comment on both the sentencing decision and the calls for her removal when contacted by NBC 5. Boyd said speaking about the situation would be unethical.
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