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Here is the real question: Is this a War on Poverty or the Democrat's War Against Poor People? Is the goal to get people out of poverty or to ensnare them here?
I agree completely! This is something that I have been telling fellow Republicans and conservatives for years. It is past time to take off the gloves and put on the brass knuckles. Progressives(AKA Liberals or Marxists) are little more than bullies. They try to silence and coerce compliance through screaming, outrage, and threats. But when confronted with a hard push back, they scamper off with their tails between their legs and then try to play the victim. We need to remember to not stop with the first push, but to keep pushing until they leave the field. Organize, meet with like minded Conservatives, write Letters to the Editor and to your government representatives. Have facts at hand, but don't be scared to verbally bludgeon a stupid socialist any chance you get. Get involved with your local GOP or Tea Party. I have seen these work here in Kentucky in which a state controlled by the leftist of the Democratic Party is now at parity on the state level and GOP controlled at the Federal level. It is past time for half measures or trying to win the approval of the press who are little more that cheer leaders of the left. Speak out about how you believe. If you hear a Progressive whining that he is offended, be sure to show him or her the mistletoe hanging off your hip pocket. KEN RANDALL
Now where are all the good progressives who slander Sarah Palin as being stupid or being an idiot? This woman is world class stupid which makes her an excellent representative of the ghetto district she was elected from. She is a one trick pony which involves playing the worn out race card.
I am not surprised that one of Obama's minions is lying. What surprises me is that the AP did a fact check! OK, EVERYONE REPEAT AFTER ME: "OBAMA LIED AND MY HEALTH CARE DIED"
Kentucky has much the same problem with coyotes. This is just one more defining aspect of Liberalism. Liberals love to do things that make themselves feel good, though generally at the expense of others. Just look at our welfare system, their influence on our schools, or the civil court system and you will see this. Of course they are very careful not to be around for the consequences. OBAMACARE might be the exception.
The Tea Party member from Wisconsin needs to get his story straight. Senators Alexander and Feinstein requested those funds, not Senator McConnell. The dam and locks in question are along the Illinois part of the Ohio River. The funds for these repairs had already been approved by both houses of Congress. I would ask my Tea party bothers and sisters to do their homework and save their arrows for the real enemy: Democrats. KENNETH L. RANDALL
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The Second Debate - Post-Game

Ken Randall Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 1:02 PM
MR. GALEN, I respectfully disagree! This debate was a strategic catastrophe for our current POTUS because it drew attantion back to Libya and the obvious media bias on the actions of Candy Crowley of CNN. Would you like a more objective piece of proof. Check out the results of Frank Luntz's focus group last night. A strong majority of them, 2/3's of whom had voted for Obama in 2008, were strongly supporting Romney.
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