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The Fallacy of Redistribution

Kenneth L. Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 10:25 AM
Same Supreme Court nominees? Same long-term consequences. No. And the other factor that may begin the pendulum swinging in the opposite direction is the TEA Party. However lame you insist Romney is, and would be as president, Obama is orders of magnitude worse and offers no hope for change. If we elect Romney, all hope is not lost. If we elect a GOP majority in the Senate, made up of TEA Party types, we might actually begin to push back.
The recently discovered tape on which Barack Obama said back in 1998 that he believes in redistribution is not really news. He said the same thing to Joe the Plumber four years ago. But the surfacing of this tape may serve a useful purpose if it gets people to thinking about what the consequences of redistribution are.

Those who talk glibly about redistribution often act as if people are just inert objects that can be placed here and there, like pieces on a chess board, to carry out some grand design. But if human beings have their own responses to government policies,...