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Obama Should Invoke Executive Privilege On His Economic Agenda

Kenneth L. Wrote: Jun 22, 2012 11:58 AM
Thanks for a great column. It's concise, it is clear, it covers the main factors (minus monetary policy), and it is very amusing. As far as monetary policy is concerned, for whatever reason Bernanke has that all wrong, too. Maybe he's part of the Ivy League Institution of Higher Liberalism conspiracy. I hope a lot of people read this!

Most Americans with the common sense of an amoeba can smell a cover-up in DC from their front porch. It’s obvious. Obama states he knew nothing of Fast and Furious in 2011, then has to invoke executive privilege in 2012 to keep congress from knowing what he didn’t know.

After three and a half years of the Ivy League Institution of Higher Liberalism’s gift of a president to the people, the economy is retreating from Obama’s crowning economic achievement; stagnation.

Obama should invoke executive privilege to hide from the people the progressive economic policies that have caused, continue...

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