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Math Doesn't Add Up

Kenneth L. Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 10:16 AM
Exactly, TrueLib. We need to eliminate perverse incentives from our public policy. Just that seemingly obvious and innocuous (in)action would ignite a ferocious economic boom. There is nothing "draconian" about it, nothing that will deprive people. Welfare reform during Clinton's presidency reduced poverty rates. We must stop rewarding out-of-wedlock births and punishing work and saving. We must reward educational success and evaluate school and teacher performance. It's just a matter of rational management. Give up the Looking Glass and operate in reality.

Sometimes the math just doesn’t work.  

During the Second World War, women did more to contribute to the war effort than just rivet in the factory or tend to the kids; they became an integral part of business, finance, and industry.  In fact, women functioned outside of the home in ways never dreamt of. 

Once the war ended, however, it was expected that men would resume their roles as hunters and gatherers and women would revert back to the keepers of the hearth. 

For a while, American society did, in fact,...