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Lessons From The Bork Debacle

Kenneth L. Wrote: Dec 25, 2012 11:25 AM
I am in the age group easily able to have witnessed the Bork debacle in real time. I found it horrifying, and Robert Bork became one of my heroes as I read his two books, The Tempting of America and Slouching Toward Gemorrah, written shortly after the confirmation hearings. And I will never recover any respect for "liberal," "progressive," or whatever you like to call them, politicians. I may vote for a Democrat someday if he/she is clearly the only choice, but it will be done reluctantly. Robert Bork was one of the finest minds ever admitted to the bar, and we were robbed in a catastrophically destructive way by the politicians who denied him confirmation.
It's always best, I find, not to talk too rapturously about Ye Olde Days: days which, on careful inspection, yield evidence of problems aplenty. I won't assert, therefore, that no public figure ever received in earlier times a public evisceration comparable to that inflicted on the late Robert Bork, presidential nominee in 1987 to a seat on the U. S. Supreme Court.

I will make just two claims: 1) The political-journalistic assault on Judge Bork was indecent, slanderous, and hysterical -- a disgrace to ethics and standards all across the board; and 2) it ought to have warned us...

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