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Is There a Republican Alternative to Obamacare?

Kenneth L. Wrote: Apr 07, 2012 10:24 AM
I like this proposal, but what a lot of words to describe on small part of the Republican reform plan, i.e., leveling the taxation playing field. This is hardly a radical plan. It is a first-step, common-sense plan. And it needs to be accompanied by the rest of the suggestions that Republicans made (and which were studiously ignored by Obama, Pelosi and Reid, and almost every single Democrat). Goodman may have good intentions, but this headline is very unfortunate and feeds directly into the Democrat, MSM narrative. We need to allow purchase across state lines (to defeat expensive mandates), allow mini-policies with catastrophe coverage over, do med mal tort reform, etc. Republicans actually had the only good ideas during the...

Just about every Republican candidate for office in the country is an unabashed opponent of ObamaCare. But if they get rid of the Democrat's health reform law, what would they replace it with?

Some critics claim that the GOP only knows what it's against when it comes to health policy. They have no positive agenda for solving the problems of rising costs, inadequate quality and, for many, lack of access to care.

But the critics are wrong. There is a Republican health plan. And it's even more radical and more progressive than ObamaCare! What is it? It's the health reform...