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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Kenneth L. Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 7:26 AM
"Higher taxes don't translate into job skills or real opportunities." Thank you, again, Mr. Payne. We need to keep up the drumbeat. Ignorance about economics is making it more and more unlikely that we will ultimately overcome these problems. That leads to a tragic future of increasing poverty, as you point out. I believe we are at a tipping point, alright, and that it is very unlikely that we will tip back in the right direction.
You have to be kind of old to remember the commercial: "I'm gonna wash that gray right out of my hair." (I gave up trying to find a clear photo of the commercial, most were old and graining or on par with caveman drawings.) The commercial popped into my head when President Obama bounded to the podium yesterday.

He looked young, fresh and presidential.

Then the press conference began and it was part pitch to the public and the other part a campaign speech. Considering it had been eight months since the last meeting with the press, those hoping for new comments...