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This is the thing that frightens me, john. Poorly educated impoverished populations will vote as a block the way their social workers tell them to vote. But I read the Wall Street Journal every day, and every time I read Ann Coulter I learn something! Where are the mainstream media on an issue like the enterovirus? I believe I am as informed as anyone outside the business of politics, but I didn't know all the facts about this virus even though we have had a death in my home state.
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Predatory Journalism

Kenneth L. Wrote: Oct 21, 2014 10:54 AM
"Conservatives need to keep in mind ..." You don't say! How lucky are we to have you here to remind us what ignorant and stupid people we conservatives are. What would we do if you weren't here to save us from ourselves?
"...when you just have to insinuate that there's nothing to the "myth" that carbon dioxide contributes to the greenhouse effect, well, you lose those of us with some science literacy," says Hensley. Several have pointed out that Schlichter never denied that CO2 is a greenhouse gas. In fact, I've never heard anybody deny that obvious fact. So Hensley claims science literacy (which I'm not convinced (s)he possesses). It's irrelevant. (S)he's hopelessly ignorant about world politics, public policy, and economics. Kerry's comments were hilarious.
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Ebola Fear Factor

Kenneth L. Wrote: Oct 18, 2014 11:49 AM
Not helpful, Linda. Human nature is such that fear is in proportion to the level of danger of the threat. Like airplane crashes versus car crashes, the fatality rate to Ebola patients is very high. We do not want this bug loose in the U.S., period!
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Why I Oppose Barack Obama

Kenneth L. Wrote: Oct 18, 2014 11:34 AM
You're absolutely right about "making a case." But consider this about our campaign against ISIS: number of sorties a day against Serbia, 138. Number against ISIS, 7. He is waging a fake war until election day. We are not going to successfully "degrade and destroy" ISIS with this half-hearted bombing (if bombing alone, without "boots on the ground," would be sufficient even if used aggressively).
Excellent column. Who among us doesn't know gay people these days? Many of us have gay people in our families. But if we tell the truth about Vaughn Walker's irrational decision overriding the California constitution we suffer the disapproval of Perez Hilton. The world is upside down.
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Local or National Elections?

Kenneth L. Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 7:46 AM
Thank you, Thomas Sowell! Say it again. Say it a different way. In over his head or evil incarnate? Makes no difference. We are at crossroads and must stop the slide now.
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Bill Maher, Ben Affleck and Islam

Kenneth L. Wrote: Oct 07, 2014 2:12 PM
Amy, that's an excellent point. I hope readers here are aware that you are not Christian. In the context of Hawkins' column today about elite and intellectual, I find that you have an uncommon amount of integrity and can lay claim to both characteristics. I admire the way you argue for truth even when it may not support your personal lifestyle or other preferences. Perhaps elite and intellectual qualities have been preserved by the warrior ethic. Semper Fi!
Interesting column! There is no question that the elite among us are less elite than in the past. Reading John Adams, the biography by McCullough, I was struck by a detail some may remember: when John Quincy went with his father to the Netherlands there was no language barrier that caused him a problem in school. All the lectures were in Latin or Greek. I think we flatter ourselves in the most general sense that we are "advanced" just because we have a lot of technological gadgets. Neanderthal had a larger brain than ours. In fact, reading ancient writing like the Old Testament makes me wonder whether people in the past had an ability to perceive reality beyond the three dimensions we insist are all that exists. People in the past worked very hard. True innovators pull from a vast store of knowledge acquired through effort. To say that Galileo, for example, "stole" others' ideas is a misunderstanding of the process. Someone who applies the lessons of agriculture and anthropology to the economy may derive a new theory that can be proven by statistical analysis. Original ideas don't usually simply arrive. They come in little pieces. In the generic, original meaning of the word, today's "elite" are far from it. And today's intellectuals are a major embarrassment. Integrity and coherence have become obsolete.
"business as usual" is Harry Reid, at the moment. Grab that life vest, Sloan!
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